Chad Nielsen is the deputy editor of Deseret Magazine. As a writer, he specializes in deeply reported longform narratives, and has covered crime, drug addiction, the military and sports. He lives in downtown Salt Lake City and sometimes rides a bike.

Behold the Intermountain West’s 10 most legendary diners because nothing satisfies quite like a burger or stack of pancakes at the end of a long stretch of asphalt
The Griddle in Winnemucca, Nevada, features biscuits and gravy and smothered burritos. It’s one of our 10 “Back Roads” selections of diners and cafes in the West.
Taggart’s Grill in Morgan, Utah, features pitas, jalapeño poppers. It’s one of our 10 “Back Roads” selections of diners and cafes in the West.
American journalism is in crisis. The economics are grim, driven by the failure of ad revenue, the demise of print and the dramatic reinvention of the information marketplace.
Brent Taylor was celebrated as a small-town mayor who kept returning to war zones. Nearly three years after his death — and as the U.S. commits to withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan — he stands out as something altogether different.
In one of the world’s deadliest cities, ravaged by the pandemic, Pastor Jose Antonio Galvan runs a 25-year experiment in mercy and radical empathy
The NFL’s most infamous franchise has a new stadium near the Las Vegas strip — and the original fort built by pioneers from Utah. What happens when these worlds collide?