Collin is a features writer for the Deseret News.

The Black Sea corridor has been reestablished, Ukraine cuts ties with Syria and Europe denounces civilian casualties
The SEC has charged the accounting firm with cheating on ethics exams for CPA licensing and lying about it to investigators.
Asylum seekers and migrant workers suffer in “appalling” immigration detention centers, 149 have died in the past year and a half
Officials work to improve monitoring infrastructure, while tech companies export AI surveillance abroad.
HOPCC churches and seminaries are under investigation for fraud, allegedly targeting veterans.
For those looking to kick caffeine or coffee, it often means a journey down a rabbit hole of lesser-known beverages.
Tensions between the West and Russia grow as alliances shift the geopolitical landscape of Eastern Europe.
Bans on plastic, lawsuits against fossil fuel companies and expanding EV infrastructure are offset by coal use in energy-starved Europe.
Eric Greitens’ campaign ad depicts the candidate hunting down members of his own party.
European and U.S. support for Ukraine may not be sufficient to hold Donbas region.
What the first large-scale study on self-driving car crashes means for manufacturers and consumers.
The Coca-Cola Company releases another alcoholic offering.
A Google engineer has sounded the alarm on ‘sentient’ AI.
Featuring an impressive number of well-known NBA faces, “Hustle” has been a hit in its first days of streaming.
Predictions for the coming years indicate the world will wrestle with stagflation, increased energy and housing costs.
Continuing investigations reveal a broad effort to covertly sway U.S. policy in favor of Qatar, the UAE.
As a large scale global trial begins, some are not convinced a 32-hour workweek is viable.
A timeline of the escalating tension between North Korea and surrounding countries.
The West’s largest stores of water are depleting, and the consequences of shrinking lakes are growing.
Amazon still owns the e-commerce market, but drone delivery and new fulfillment centers are helping Walmart accelerate online growth.
The verdict was handed down Wednesday in the Heard v. Depp trial as another Cosby trial begins.