COVID-19 has changed life dramatically for everyone but has had an inordinate impact on small municipalities that border tourism destinations.
More than 4,000 junior and high school students had at least one F or incomplete grade during first quarter
Josh Rossi became an internet sensation in 2017 when he unveiled his “Justice League Kids” project. He combined his skill in photography with his desire to change the world and created portraits of sick children that made them look like superheroes. He now has plans he hopes will help him go even further.
A new Idaho Falls pilot managed to safely land his small plane carrying two people on the I-80 freeway near Park City Saturday after the engine seized. No injuries or damage were reported.
A vehicle ran a stop sign near Bryan Avenue and 1300 East in Salt Lake City Friday evening, causing a crash and leaving one man dead, police say.
A team of BYU researchers tested four commercial disinfectants and proved that each works in combatting COVID-19, despite none of them being alcohol-based.
UVU’s Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism has opened its fourth annual Super Spectrum Showcase and Soiree. However, unlike in past years, the event was moved online. The unique art gallery is made up of works created by those who are on the autism spectrum.
Following Don Cash Jr.’s tragic death while scaling Mount Everest, his friends and family refused to let his final ambitious project go uncompleted. Cash Jr. had purchased a former speed-record setting 1952 Buick and had plans to revamp it, hoping to set a new record with the car and perhaps even push it to 200 mph. His family is now working to make that dream happen.
Work continues at the Salt Lake City International Airport to demolish the old facilities and make room for all the new ones. The former parking garage is halfway torn down, and the rest of the airport will be demolished by the middle of 2021.
A rapidly growing area, Lehi was chosen for Utah’s second full-service Primary Children’s Hospital to provide quick access for the thousands of families that live there.
Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” shared his family’s experience dealing with dementia during the Utah stop of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America conference.
The Nanos Foundation, in collaboration with the BYU College of Engineering, has designed a cloth mask that is more effective than N95s.
New pedestrian safety campaign uses fantasy creatures to make a point, just in time for Halloween