More than 1 in 5 Utahns is now a racial or ethnic minority, according to the census data — including more than one in four Utahns under the age of 18.
Two Utah doctors who were among the most prominent advocates of using opioids to treat chronic pain are now entangled in a spate of lawsuits filed against opioid manufacturers in several states.
“It would be so much more productive if some high-level decision-makers could be proactive about looking at this issue rather than waiting until someone files a lawsuit,” said Disability Law Center legal director Aaron Kinikini.
Lehi was the 11th fastest-growing large city in the nation between 2015 and 2016, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. South Jordan ranked 24th and Orem was ranked 31st.
SPECIAL REPORT: Mentally ill inmates are being forced to wait five months or more to get into the Utah State Hospital for help, far exceeding wait times in six other Western states. Some are getting sicker. Some are released. Others are dying.
The ad claims that the Huntsman family and “family contacts” together donated $656 million to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation over the years.
An attorney hired by the University of Utah to assist in negotiations with Huntsman Cancer Foundation over the future of the Huntsman Cancer Institute said “the time for bickering and contention is over.”
The billionaire philanthropist also said the financial team at the U. “has been a disaster for years and years” and that University of Utah Health needs to “clean up several other people.”
The fallout from the dispute between the University of Utah and the Huntsman Foundation could result in “brain drain,” and the loss of Lee and her husband, Benedict Kingsbury, a prominent expert in international law.
Peter Huntsman, the CEO of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, confirmed Tuesday that his family will continue to seek more autonomy for the Huntsman Cancer Institute in ongoing negotiations with the University of Utah.
A state lawmaker said Tuesday that the Utah Legislature’s Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee will soon ask University of Utah administrators for more information about the school’s relationship with the Huntsman Cancer Institute.
A confidential internal document obtained by the Deseret News reveals that two members of the Huntsman family asked University of Utah President David Pershing to grant enormous powers to the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s CEO, sparking controversy.
University of Utah Health CEO Dr. Vivian Lee, who resigned on Friday, will be replaced in the interim by Dr. A. Lorris Betz, a widely respected former leader of the U. hospital system, according to U. President David Pershing.
Dr. Vivian Lee, the CEO of University of Utah Health who was at the center of a heated controversy for the firing of the Huntsman Cancer Institute director last week, resigned Friday.
Firings raise questions about University of Utah health care chief Dr. Vivian Lee’s management style. But supporters say she pushes employees “to think outside the box.”
The world identified him as homeless. To his friends, he was Justin: “Whenever he got depressed, whenever he got lonely, he turned to his bottle. And Justin was always depressed and he was always lonely.”
It remains unclear how the university will move forward after an unusually public and ugly rift exposing tensions between the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the larger organization it belongs to, University of Utah Health.
Mary Beckerle, the former Huntsman Cancer Institute director and CEO who was fired abruptly last week, was reinstated to her role effective immediately Tuesday.
Dr. Mary Beckerle, the director and CEO of the Huntsman Cancer Institute who was abruptly fired last week after more than a decade in charge, will be likely reinstated to her position as early as Tuesday, according to sources.
A man who had been found mentally incompetent for his case to proceed and waiting for months for a bed at the Utah State Hospital died last week after injuring himself in the Weber County Jail in February.
“Obviously, some things will have to change in order to move forward if this issue is brought back up again,” said Rep. Rob Bishop, stressing the word “if.”
Three Utah counties are among the fastest-growing counties in the nation, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Wednesday night.
Disney’s $300 million remake of “Beauty and the Beast” has drawn equal parts anticipation and controversy — but nowhere has it drawn more interest in the past year than in the Intermountain West, according to Google Trends data.
Salt Lake City Fire Department will be one of the first fire departments in the nation to begin distributing to people kits that counter overdoses.
Up to 5,000 low-income Utah parents will become newly eligible for Medicaid under what officials are calling “limited Medicaid expansion.” But the main target group — childless adults who are the sickest of the sick — remain in limbo
A redesigned snagged the top award in a national contest honoring the best local news websites.
A bill that seeks to expand telemedicine services in Utah found itself at the center of a debate over abortion Monday.
“A lot of people see politics as chess. I play checkers. There’s strategy in checkers, but it’s very upfront. I’m not thinking six moves ahead. I got this move and I need to move to that spot. If you’re in front of me, I jump over.
Utah was the first to implement statewide screening for a common congenital infection found in American children. Now a study reveals how the law has panned out.
A yearslong battle over Medicaid expansion in Utah just got longer. The Obama administration recently informed the Utah Department of Health that it would not take action on Utah’s small-scale Medicaid expansion proposal.