Daryl Austin is a journalist based in Utah. His work has appeared in National Geographic, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today and The New York Times.

Helen Foster Snow’s stories shaped America’s understanding of the people they believed were the enemy.
The Beehive State took first place in a new study from Florida-based wellness company Life Extension as the healthiest state in America.
The truth about government agencies’ rumored special interest in recruiting Latter-day Saints turns out to be more nuanced.
The health divide between Republican and Democratic counties — and Utah’s anomalistic data — illustrates the need to depoliticize public health.
Big Tech’s concerning surveillance capabilities grow amid iRobot buyout.
Data should give policymakers pause as Congress considers further deregulating marijuana.
It’s been 4 years since the Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize sports gambling. Thirty-three already have and with great impact.
There are surprising reasons why celebrities fake relationships and lifestyles. There may also be consequences for those who believe them.
The practice of asking consequential questions of uninformed people can be a matter of life or death.
More than a third of purported COVID-19 vaccine side effects are a result of the placebo effect, study says.
I spoke to hundreds of experts about COVID-19. Here’s what they say about masks.
Self-deception and dishonesty have become commonplace throughout the pandemic.
I’m not sure what’s happened to common decency, but adjusting to social norms has never been as difficult as it seems to be today.
When I see the lies that many people seem to believe, the words of Ronald Reagan come to mind: ‘(It’s) not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.’
It calls to mind the story of a drowning man who prayed for help but when a boat floated by, said, “never mind, Lord, I’ve found a boat and don’t need your help after all.”
Like Gov. Cox, I’m grateful for those willing to dig even deeper into their well of patience. I’m just not sure I’m one of them anymore.
Disney, with all its flaws, still produces more family-friendly entertainment than perhaps anyone in the game.
No doubt Washington is yet another complicated historical figure, but to accomplish all that he did while dealing with such a debilitating personal affliction speaks to his fortitude and resilience.
I still recognize, of course, that many of my religious beliefs defy a ready explanation, but I now also appreciate how scientists are similarly unable to explain many of their own findings.