Dennis Romboy is an editor and reporter for the Utah InDepth team, covering Utah’s federal delegation. He has covered a variety of beats over the years, including state and local government, social issues and courts. A Utah native, Romboy earned a degree in journalism from the University of Utah. He enjoys cycling, snowboarding and running.

The Utah senator chided at least one fellow Republican for opposing a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine.
A to rename the center after the late Gail Halvorsen is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk.
The Utah Republican called protests at justices’ homes dangerous and threatening.
Republican challenger Ally Isom says she knows a scheme when she smells one.
Independent U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin appears to be trying to walk a fine line on abortion rights.
Utah Sen. Mike Lee and four Republican colleagues are calling for a new TV rating so parents can block their children from watching programs with “disturbing content,” including LGBTQ characters.
There were laughs among the tears as Orrin Hatch was remembered for his many years as a U.S. senator, husband, father and friend.
Sen. Mike Lee said he believes the draft opinion was leaked “for the purpose of denigrating and delegitimizing and embarrassing and isolating” the conservative Supreme Court justices.
Utah Republican says Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden administration has failed to secure the border
Utah Republican Sens. Mitt Romney and Mike Lee support the draft decision, but called the leak appalling.
Sen. Mitt Romney apparently tries to disguise himself when vacationing in Palm Beach, Florida to avoid harassment from supporters of former President Donald Trump.
Sen. Mike Lee praised Orrin Hatch during a speech on the Senate floor as a pioneer who never forgot his roots.
Tulsi Gabbard is demanding Sen. Mitt Romney take down a tweet in which he alleged she was “parroting false Russian propaganda.”
“Senator Orrin G. Hatch personified the American Dream,” said Matt Sandgren, executive director of the Hatch Foundation.
Perhaps the only intrigue going into the Utah Republican Party state convention was how loudly delegates would cheer for Sen. Mike Lee.
The longtime ally of former President Donald Trump told the crowd that the battle over the future of the United States is “between light and dark.”
Utah Sen. Mike Lee on his “thoughts and intents” behind his texts with Mark Meadows for Donald Trump.
Utah Republican says president needs to surround himself with people who want to revive the U.S. economy.
A vast majority of Utahns continue to closely follow the Russian war on Ukraine, and just under half don’t think the United States is doing to enough to respond.
The Utah Republican senator’s approval rating remains low, a new poll shows.
Newly revealed text messages between Sen. Mike Lee and then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows show how far the Utah Republican went.
Asked if they agree or disagree that the Senate should confirm Jackson to the nation’s highest court, less than half of Utahns say they agree.
Several challengers have forced incumbents into primary races through signature gathering.
“If you have to doctor a video to make a kind gesture to a nervous kid look bad, that says more about you than me,” Gov. Spencer Cox said.
Lee wants more of the vast amounts of federal land in local hands.