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LDS missions are no small expense. Here are some ideas that can help you start saving now for that incredible time.
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You’ve made the decision to serve a mission and regardless of where you are in your missionary preparation, you likely have no idea what to expect. Sure, you’ve heard countless mission stories from others but what will your mission be like and
While many kids are saving money to attend college, LDS youth are saving to spend 18-24 months away from everything they have ever known. Many parents establish mission funds for their kids before they enter elementary school and save for years to allow their children to have “the opportunity of a lifetime.” Some may ask why anyone would ever want to leave home at the tender ages of 18 or 19 to knock doors and share religious beliefs but there are heartfelt reasons.
Diligent saving and frugal living are always encouraged and help many families prepare for the financial setback of having a missionary in the field, but the reality, every missionary has his or her own story and comes from a different background.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently has more than 400 missions throughout the world. Many of the missionaries serving are young people who spend their days knocking doors and teaching people about their beliefs.