Bridges do not rise from the ground or fall from the sky. People build them, and higher ed can help.
The advent of pay-to-play sports is cutting many families out.
If the “Boss” didn’t exist, we’d have to create him because he’s so essential to our national identity.
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, who died last week at 46, was a facilitator of interfaith dialogue.
Colleges and universities have the potential to become bridge-builders by turning out students adept in managing conflict.
Like Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we should all have friendships that confound other people.
Like Howard Thurman, find people who will hold a crown above your head and encourage you to grow into it.
Spaces where people can exchange things of value dignify people and strengthen communities.
We often take it for granted, but freedom of religious expression is a rare achievement in human history.
Our nation needs to be a place where people who disagree about heaven can work together on important issues here on Earth.
The U.C.- Berkeley scholar is an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure to people who want to be Jedis when building bridges across our differences.
The CEO of BMe Community talks about how the stories we tell each other create the world we live in.
A worldwide community of Ismaili Muslims shows that people can deepen their religious commitment when they help those outside of their faith.
The president of Sojourners talks about the connection between voting and faith, and how voting protects the image of God in every person in a democracy.
The “On Being” host talks about her new podcast, the future of religion and why she explores “ancient, enduring questions.”
There are remarkable stories of faith in American history that involve Muslims, African Americans and others.
The melting pot was a good analogy for its time, but potlucks are how a diverse democracy does civic life well.
Higher education owes America graduates who are competent professionals, effective leaders and ethical citizens with the knowledge base and skill set to shape faith into a bridge of cooperation.