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Could psychedelic drugs become the new medical marijuana? Inside the potential benefits and high risks of ‘magic mushrooms’

On May 7, residents of Denver, Colorado, voted to decriminalize the use and possession of "magic mushrooms." Oakland, California, followed suit on June 5. Oregon will vote on it in 2020. Does America really know what it’s getting into?

Is it ethical to take a selfie at a tragic site, like Chernobyl or Auschwitz?

Should the U.S. give cash payments to the descendants of slaves to atone for slavery? Here's what experts are arguing

How visiting Normandy, France, redefined patriotism for me — a millennial

'Black Lives Matter,' 'Blue Lives Matter,' 'All Lives Matter': Do hate crime laws matter?

Could this 'Bible for millennials' lead young people back to church?

Deseret News' 'Generation Vexed' series on teen anxiety wins Mental Health America Media Award, two public service awards

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Shrouded in secrecy: A beloved Utah mother and grandmother died after having liposuction. Why do so few people know?

A mother of five and grandmother of 20 went to a family physician for liposuction. The next morning, she was dead. Does this tragedy call for a closer look at the ever-widening pool of providers who offer cosmetic surgery?

4 things you should know about the battle over abortion rights in Alabama, Georgia, Utah and other states

Fact check: Is President Donald Trump a champion of religious freedom?