Iconic country singer Reba McEntire put roots down in her home state of Oklahoma to help save Akota from becoming a ghost town
Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, is under lockdown as police investigate possible motives behind teen shooting
According to an FDA press release, frozen strawberries have been recalled because of possibly linked to hepatitis A in 5 people
The highly anticipated and record-breaking tour is finally here and fans are in a frenzy
The Irish holiday is expected to have the highest number of celebrators in history this year. So if you aren’t wearing green, expect a pinch!
The Labrador retriever lost its 31-year reign as America’s favorite dog, according to the American Kennel Club’s dog rankings for 2022
The Alzheimer’s Association report says individuals wait until it’s too late to tell their doctor they have symptoms
‘Sweet Dreams,’ a new cereal by Post, is being marketed to become a ritual in consumers’ ‘healthy sleep routine’
The “most loved U.S. brand by kids” has modified two lunch options to comply with new required health guidelines for K-12 grade school lunches
Ditching fast food now and eating more berries, fish and leafy vegetables might save your memory later, researchers say.
‘Animal-free’ dairy is hitting supermarket shelves, and proponents say it keeps milk’s benefits without environmental cost
The recall is due to fears that the car seats may not properly restrain a child in a car crash situation
The lawsuit against the state is calling for government officials to clarify exceptions to the law regarding abortion
The former ‘Boy Meets World’ star announced he is running as a Democrat in Los Angeles for the 2024 election
The great-grandchildren of an avid art collector and Auschwitz victim sold their great-grandparent’s painting to fund finding more of their lost art collection
A former adjunct professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the latest target of ‘cancel culture’ for a religious image she showed her class.
Snow in California, golf-ball-sized hail in Oklahoma and tornadoes in Tennessee — what can’t this storm do?
Ed Sneckenberger and Priscilla Matheny met in 1959 but didn’t tie the knot till 2022 — decades after he broke their engagement
Americans are more than twice as likely to live in multigenerational family households than they were half a century ago, sources say.
Citizens gathered for a massive protest in Mexico City over the weekend to oppose proposed changes to the country’s election process
Consumer spending increased in the month of January, causing the Fed to increase interest rates to curb inflation
According to a report by the World Health Organization, in 2020, 287,000 women died worldwide from pregnancy complications — and most deaths could have been prevented
The media company has no choice but to cut staff after seeing no signs of budget recovery in the advertising market, NPR said.
People around the world fear they will never be able to afford to retire
The airline will allow families with children under age 12 to sit together at no additional charge.
Putin is having to resort to less-equipped tanks in order to stay in the war against Ukraine
U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said that any TikTok user is at risk of China collecting their data.
Soon after takeoff, United flight 1722 came within close to 800 feet of hitting the ocean surface, flight data shows
Russia sends Ukraine’s child population as young as 4 months into ‘pro-Russia’ programs, report says
While based in Mississippi, soldier Oscar Spaly sent his wife a vinyl expressing his love for her and his experiences in the war.