On Tuesday, President Barack Obama announced plans to curtail the National Security Agency’s massive data collection on Americans; however, some, including Sen. Rand Paul, are saying the proposals won’t change anything.
After Mitt Romney penned an op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal criticizing the president’s leadership in Ukraine, conservatives and liberals alike are debating whether or not he was right all along about Russia.
In 2012, the GOP initiated a project to rebrand its image. With the 2014 midterms looming at the end of this year some argue whether the GOP’s approach is working or if their projected success is the result of failed Democratic policies.
In light of the Obama administration’s new economic sanctions against Russia, many people are wondering if we understand why Putin is acting the way he is.
Top 10 cities for income equality, Utah cities come in first and fourth
Should Democratic candidates in 2014 be anxious after Republican David Jolly edged out Democrat Alex Sink in Florida’s 13th Congressional District special election on Tuesday?
The tea party and especially Sen. Rand Paul won big over the weekend during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, but GOP establishment figures are still targeting them.
The 401(k) is disappearing and threatening millions of retirees.
Former first lady and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton likened Russian President Vladimir Putin’s incursion into the Crimea Peninsula of Ukraine to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s relocating of Germans living outside of Germany in the 1930s.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz opens 2014 CPAC with ‘principles’ speech
The Senate handed President Barack Obama a stunning defeat when Democrats were the key votes in rejecting his Justice Department nominee.
The European Union is considering sanctions, but some don’t think they wouldn’t work and others don’t think they will be implemented.
Has America’s weakness and Obama’s foreign policy emboldened Putin?
Many pundits and politicians are awaiting what President Barack Obama will do over Ukraine. They all agree that this vital issue is his biggest test ever.
The 2014 Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) conference suggested that there is a direct correlation between your finances and your parenting well-being.
A New York Times/CBS News Poll shows an election edge for the GOP going into the 2014 midterms, but it also illustrates that the GOP is deeply divided on important issues.
Piers Morgan was fired last week and critics are pointing out why.
The Pew Charitable Trusts’ report examines the variability of revenue volatility across all 50 states between 1994 and 2012, and recommends the best ways to respond in times of uncertainty. Utah is moving in the right direction.
With the looming FCC approval of the Comcast/Time Warner merger, there are many who are up in arms and for good reason.
Sen. Bernie Sanders advocates raising minimum wage to lower welfare.
Kevin Spacey sat down with George Stephanopoulos this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss his hit TV show “House of Cards,” but talked more about the politics of D.C.
Climate change is being bantered about more and more along partisan lines.
Ukraine is being pulled in two directions: toward Russia and toward the West. In the meantime, the country is being ransacked by violent protests.
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, widely known as the stimulus that President Barack Obama signed into law on Feb. 17, 2009, turned five years old Monday.
When should you take your Social Security benefits? Although there is not a universal answer, some financial experts offer their advice on how to go about planning it.
Democrat candidates are distancing themselves from President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act before the November elections.
In the aftermath of Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may be the answer for the GOP come 2016.
The House passed a debt-ceiling increase without a fight, but Sen. Ted Cruz is intending to filibuster the bill if it doesn’t garner a 60-vote majority.
President Obama decided to unilaterally extend a portion of the Obamacare mandate and now critics are weighing in.
The release of “The Hillary Papers” has the political scene in full battle mode over Hillary Clinton’s prospects in 2016.