Evan R. Ward is Associate Professor of History at Brigham Young University.

Australia, a nation the U.S. can look up to, is celebrated as ‘the lucky country’
Her biographies are tucked in the corners of bookstores, London’s trains and planes aren’t packed — but that doesn’t mean we aren’t mourning
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The newly remodeled Salt Lake International Airport has a huge potential for tourism if we can capture the unique culture of Utah within the airport
As the 25th anniversary of the British handover of Hong Kong to China passes, Hong Kong is struggling to keep up with the mounting economic struggles caused by a pandemic, protests and competition
What should the next move be for the U.S. in relation to the People’s Republic of China? A look back at this year’s China Summit may give us answers
A father’s love and attention can have an immeasurable impact on their daughters through sharing wisdom, wealth and well-being.
The China Challenge Summit is coming up. Here’s everything you need to know about China right now.
The border shared between the U.S. and Mexico gives us an opportunity to strengthen both countries and inspire innovation — if we put in the effort.
For Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s take a look at what the past can teach about mental illness.
Vladimir Putin is trying to change the world, and so far he has succeeded in changing Russia’s economy — for the worse.
Americans, like those in all these stories I found on M Street, support worthy causes, recognize excellence in others and embrace all that is good, if they are given a chance to heed their better angels.
Eastern European achievements represent high watermarks of world history. More than a collection of NATO allies, it is a center of faith, enterprise, inquiry, culture and a deep wellspring of courage.
We can stand with them in solidarity the more we know of their long-standing aspirations for democracy.
The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) constitute more than 3 billion of the earth’s inhabitants and account for approximately 25% of global economic production
On Women’s History Month, it’s worth noting Dana Perino, an Intermountain West product who ended up in the White House.
St. Augustine found divine companionship by taking stock of his intentions, reflecting on the media he consumed and acknowledging the influence of good people in his life
By no means should the United States capitulate to Putin. But this scenario raises the question as to what degree previous commitments play into contemporary diplomacy
A strong internship portfolio includes a handful of examples of different types of work performed in the private or public institution that highlight both routine and higher-level examples of student capacity, creativity and competence.
From a position of weakness, Bush recognized that more was at stake than simply party politics in the 2008 election; American dreams tottered in the balance.
The lesson at this holiday season for a world ravaged by the disillusioning inertia of a pandemic, rising inflation and socially paralyzing partisanship is to simply do good.
The secular sage of America’s Enlightenment understood the power of prayer
The differences are stark, but a number of trends deserve our attention
Their odyssey helps us honor and grieve the sacrifices of American soldiers who made their pathways to freedom possible
Vice President Kamala Harris and former Trump appointee Nikki Haley couldn’t be further apart politically, but they share common experiences. Americans should focus more on what unites us.
Japan remains the third largest economy in the world, a country whose free trade prosperity predates the rise of manufacturing-behemoth China by at least a generation
The U.S.’ trade partnerships in Asia and Africa could be reconsidered.
If exports to Mexico will continue to strengthen Utah’s economy, the same relationship might point the way to greater prosperity for Mexico as well.
Washington’s resignation as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army was a starting point for our then-nascent nation.