Uncertainties infused into the global economy by the trade war between the world’s two largest national economies probably have helped to produce a global slowdown and fears, perhaps somewhat self-fulfilling, of an approaching recession.
It is difficult to discourage and impossible to manage Justin Amash because he, unusual among politicians, does not want much and wants nothing inordinately.
The SAT’s new metric is another step down the path of identity politics, assigning applicants to groups and categories, and another step away from evaluating individuals individually.
Impeachment can be an instrument of civic hygiene. However, most of today’s Senate Republicans, scampering around the president’s ankles, are implausible hygienists.
The 45th president and progressives should consider Buckley’s thoughts.
The Democrats’ presidential aspirants seem determined to prove that their party’s 2016 achievement — the election of the current president — was not a fluke that cannot be repeated.
In determining when fines are excessive, courts must adopt something akin to former Justice Potter Stewart’s famous axiom concerning pornography: You know excessiveness when you see it.
Hate crimes (usually vandalism, e.g., graffiti, or intimidation, e.g., verbal abuse) are a tiny fraction of 1 percent of all reported crimes.
Capital punishment is withering away because the process of litigating the administration of it is so expensive, and hence disproportionate to any demonstrable enhancement of public safety.
Because she calls herself a democratic socialist, the word “socialism” is thrilling progressives who hanker to storm the Bastille, if only America had one.
You are collateral damage only if you are a manufacturer, farmer or consumer, so relax and enjoy the following reports.
Consider the debate between two serious people who have immersed themselves in the history of the Appointments Clause.
What is socialism? And what might a socialist American government do?
What is socialism? And what might a socialist American government do?
The Supreme Court is especially admirable when correcting especially deplorable prior decisions.
The Supreme Court grapples with ever-advancing technology while asking itself how to properly construe the Constitution.
If the Libertarian Party is willing, 2020’s politics could have an ingredient recently missing from presidential politics: fun.