Gitanjali Poonia is an early career journalist who writes about politics, culture and climate change. Driven by her upbringing in New Delhi, India, she takes pride in reporting on underserved and under-covered communities. She holds a bachelor’s in electronic media from San Francisco State University and a master’s in journalism from Columbia Journalism School.

This is the second time the president’s son has been indicted
The senate is negotiating over supplemental funding that ties foreign aid to border security measures.
His DEFUND Act will require the U.S. to leave the international peacemaking organization
The Utah representative said it is clear the Justice Department slow-walked the investigation into the president’s son.
His departure, though not unexpected, comes shortly after he was ousted as speaker.
The funding is a part of the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act
The former New York representative has been making and selling videos requested by fans on Cameo.
Cox said he wants homelessness to be ‘rare, brief and nonrecurring.’
Lee watched the debate closely, fact checking claims, criticizing Newsom, and praising DeSantis’ on social media.
For only the 6th time in history, House lawmakers, including all 4 Utah representatives, voted to remove one of their own.
The pair defended their state’s records on crime, taxes and freedom
An expert weighs in on Subway’s proposal to merge with the parent company of Jimmy John’s and Arby’s.
Sen. Ted Cruz said Disney has embodied the phrase, ‘go woke, go broke’
But his request for a public testimony was rejected by the House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer
Romney said he didn’t know a single lawmaker, Republican or Democrat, who supported slashing Social Security
The White House considers record spending during the Thanksgiving holidays a win, but voters are still not convinced about ‘Bidenomics’
Republicans are demanding stricter immigration reform in exchange for supporting the White House funding request for Israel and Ukraine.
This year alone, the border patrol has encountered almost 200 people on the terror watchlist.
The final day to mail in a ballot is Monday, while drop boxes and in-person voting will be available Tuesday.
Utah senator’s colleagues praised the idea of establishing a commission to address the growing debt
Lee defended Tuberville’s blockade of military promotions during the very-early hours of Thursday morning.
Biden said he planned to have a ‘candid’ conversation with Xi on Wednesday.
Curtis described meeting the parent of a hostage in a post on social media.
A witness said that foreign entities likely stole at least $5 billion of the funds meant to provide COVID-19 relief
Chinese president will be attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. Sen. Mike Lee questioned the timing of the cleanup
More than 200 people are being held hostage by Hamas, including several Americans
The results of the recent elections indicate abortion could be a vulnerability for Republicans.