Students can use machine learning to make the world a better place, one BYU computer science professor says.
Gender equality comes from both sides, experts say. Awareness is the first step.
A state full of fair-skinned mountain sport lovers makes for high melanoma rates, one expert says.
Gas prices and airfare are high, but are they high enough to cancel your summer vacation?
You may be getting billed for allergy tests you never wanted or received, Senior Medicare Patrol says.
“ChatGPT is not changing the world,” computer science professor says. But it may change how professors teach.
Things to do on Memorial Day — in addition to enjoying your day off.
Experts emphasize the importance of regular menstrual cycle tracking, regular cancer screening, and taking time to breathe.
“I’m so proud to be an Aggie and will continue to be for the rest of my life,” Cockett said.
Utah is long overdue for a historically large earthquake. Are you prepared?
Will the state be the model of a country without TikTok?
This week’s warming weather has opened a few flood gates, so to speak, as ponding water closes roads, trails and begins to hit communities. It will likely get worse before it gets better.
Restrictions in Little Cottonwood Canyon have sparked further debate about the proposed gondola.
The deepest snowpack observed has been at Alta, which reached a depth of 209 inches — that’s compared to the 90 inches that’s typical of this time of year.
Dense breast tissue is no reason to panic, but it may warrant additional screening.
“It’s just beyond anything we’ve ever experienced,” Alta Lodge director says.
Some appreciate the “updated look,” and others condemn it for “replacing” history.
The autism conversation is often centered around kids. “For some reason, people forget that we live with this for the rest of our lives,” one autistic college student says.
Gov. Spencer Cox has declared April Flood Safety Awareness Month in preparation for the snowmelt runoff.
AI labs are designing “digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand,” an open letter says.
Put down the Lysol and pick up the soap and water, experts say
Mice blacked out, then woke up twice as fast with the medicine
“The violent and senseless killing of two iconic stallions” has wild horse advocacy organizations seeking justice.
Same ingredients, different brand — Google jumps on the chatbot train
Yet another country has deemed the Chinese-owned social media app a threat to cybersecurity.
Whether it’s as a hobby, side hustle or livelihood, Goodwill Outlet regulars have thrifting down to a science.
“Your own face that you see in the mirror suddenly looks ugly to you,” psychology professor says
A recent Indiana University study suggests there may be a more objective option when it comes to diagnosing anxiety disorders.
What started as a small community effort in Idaho to do what they could for Ukraine has become one of the most recognized nonprofits in the war-torn nation.
The strategy promises to hold tech companies responsible, invest in defense and crack down on criminals.