Experts have been studying ways to stop suicide here in Utah. It is a problem through every age range and every gender. Here are ways to speak up and terms to avoid when talking about suicide.
When life is out of balance, we feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Here are 10 tips to help you achieve life balance.
Counseling can be one of the most helpful resources for people with drug and alcohol dependency. Here are some of the traditional benefits of counseling for people who are struggling with addiction.
If you’ve found yourself looking more and more at your phone, and less and less at the people you love, it might be time to take a break from social media.
When there’s substance use or other harmful behaviors, parental involvement is a vital first step in getting kids the help they need to overcome their challenges.
Health providers are frontline responders when a LGBTQ youth is contemplating suicide. Bring the topic up to your family doctor — they should be ready to help.
Pain is tough and no one likes to be in pain. But medication does not have to be the only choice of treatment. There is a way to retrain how our minds deal with pain.
Anxiety has become the number one reason, over depression, which college students identify when seeking counseling help. Once anxiety is at an unhealthy level and daily life is impacted, then look to resources to help you and your child.