Holly Richardson is the editor of Utah Policy and a columnist for the Deseret News. A former Utah legislator, she holds a master’s degree in professional communication and is one dissertation away from completing a Ph.D. in political science. She and her husband, Greg, are the parents of a large and unique family.

Ukrainian refugees are fleeing, often with nowhere to go. Stories from the border give us hope in the volunteers waiting with arms outstretched to receive them.
The drive to help — almost an ache — can be almost overwhelming because it feels like so little from this side of the world.
Everyone is tired. Being tired, though, does not give us license to be cruel
It’s discouraging to think about how much anger there is on issues that actually matter.
Practicing authentic gratitude helps us relieve depression, improves our immune systems and strengthens our connections with people around us
One problem is how people assume things about children by the way they look
One thing I’ve learned from life, politics and advocating for people I love, is that life’s choices are rarely binary.
One woman stated, “I’m more focused on the flexibility offered by my employer than opportunities for advancement. I was a director but took a manager position because I needed to be available more to my children.”
Some advice from a nontraditional student with a nonlinear path.
I’ve been a mom for 34 years and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Mother’s Day for that whole time.
As President Joe Biden said, “Service — the act of looking out for one another — is part of who we are as a nation.”
Can we insert ourselves on behalf of those with feeble knees and hands that hang down?
We need to call the Atlanta shootings what they were — an act of racist and sexist hate.
The number of impersonators and cryptocurrency scams is on the rise.
At the end of a year since the world turned upside down, I am taking time for reflection.
We can all do something to fight sexism and better the lives of women and girls around us.
The pandemic-sparked ‘pink’ recession has hurt women, especially working mothers, most.
Stories matter. So does the way we tell them, even to ourselves.
I’m still learning. I still make mistakes. But I’m committed to the ongoing journey of becoming a better ally of people in all their beautiful colors.
You can follow along with any committee hearings or floor debates by turning in to le.utah.gov.
Increased technological adjustments due to COVID-19 will make this year’s session more accessible than ever.
That Christmas is the one we focused the most on the Light of the World.