Jacob Hess served on the board of the National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation and has worked to promote liberal-conservative understanding since his book with Phil Neisser, “You’re Not As Crazy As I Thought (But You’re Still Wrong).” His most recent book with Carrie Skarda, Kyle Anderson, and Ty Mansfield, is “The Power of Stillness: Mindful Living for Latter-day Saints.”

Utah, where 56% of the state affiliates with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has the highest rate of weekly church attendance in the country.
Some Democrats may be more excited than Republicans to see Trump nominated
Wondering where a troubling feeling or thought is coming from is normal. It’s more complex when you’re taking one or more medications.
America desperately needs a renewed culture of moral and spiritual maturity.
Surveys don’t take into account differences in state laws. It’s better to look at the data.
The state of emergency is over, but across America, anger and estrangement is alive and well. How can we move forward?
As incoming chair of the National Governors Association, Spencer Cox plans to launch a “healthy conflict” initiative.
It’s no coincidence that David Blankenhorn’s Braver Angels met at Gettysburg this week. His peacemaking work is infused with the spirit of Lincoln.
“Whatever our backgrounds,” Elder Corbitt said, “let us continue forward as peacemakers.”
What if more people could be persuaded to see social justice conviction as one of the various options of belief systems available today?
Scholar says religiosity in recent generations of Latter-day Saints is up compared to baby boomers.
Don’t give up on sports, even if your team didn’t make the NBA finals.
Tom Hanks joked that he’d sell the secret to his happy marriage for $17 billion. I found a workaround for free.
Computer scientist Josh Coates answers questions about a new “faithful and friendly” Latter-day Saint chatbot.
The media’s unusual and enduring fascination with Latter-day Saint finances has extended over the better part of a century.
Yes, some people mocked the pomp and circumstance. But the rituals and symbolism present in the ceremony are important to people of faith.
Both conservatives and liberals think they are under attack. This distracts us from the conversations we should be having.
“Star Wars” burned down Jedi texts and temples. But “The Mandalorian” honors commitment, “the Creed” and the possibility of redemption.
Think twice when someone claims to possess exclusive, special insight into the actions of public figures.
My 4 take-aways from a BYU conference exploring how it would change academic disciplines to draw upon gospel teachings as foundational.
By making space for a diversity of perspectives on college campuses, we are walking the talk of inclusion and belonging.
According to an analysis of political donations, Utah universities are more ideologically balanced than most, with BYU topping the chart.
People with depression have long been told their condition is permanent. What if they heard a more hopeful story?
President Joe Biden is showing his age. But he’s not cognitively incapacitated. Let’s be honest about that.
In recent hires and reporting, the “Gray Lady” has shown fidelity to its original mission, which made it the most influential newspaper in the world.
From shortened attention spans to concerns about national security, the video platform is taking up too much of our teens’ attention.
We may not all be royals, but in the face of family trouble, we all have a choice: reconcile or hold on to our grievances.
Secret pornography use has an impact on marriages, even when not spoken about openly.
Has the ice-bucket challenge lost its excitement for you — and are you ready for something even more daring in the new year? Let the Clinton and Bush families be your example.
The birth of the “rightful king” shook up the world in even more radical ways than we see progressives trying to do today.