She describes Nathan Lyday as “gentle giant”; neighbor reports frightening history with gunman.
Underground passageway connecting concourses to feature 144-foot murals featuring Utah’s 4 seasons
Wireless communication runs into range and reliability limitations because data can only go so far on a radio signal. However, a Utah County inventor has developed a signal that solves that problem.
After seeing a large rise in the number of car crashes, the Provo Police Department began taking a data-driven approach last summer. The city has cut the number of crashes as a result.
A Utah man, following directions on his smartphone in Montana, took a shortcut last December that nearly cost him his life.
Late last year, the Utah Department of Transportation built a wildlife bridge over I-80 at Parleys Summit to cut down on dangerous automobile collisions with animals.
East High School is trying to tackle student homelessness by helping students with food, clothing and showers.
Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski is asking the City Council for $850,000 to repair and reopen the Seven Canyons Fountain in Liberty Park. The fountain has been dry for years due to health and safety concerns.
Two patients remained hospitalized Wednesday following dangerous chlorine exposure at Pleasant Grove Veterans Memorial Pool a day earlier. As many as 50 people became sick after high amounts of chlorine were inadvertently pumped into the water.
A breast cancer researcher at the Huntsman Cancer Institute has found a passion for welding that fuses the art world and the medical world.
An Army veteran who worked in Iraq as a civilian after he deployed is settling into a new chapter in life in Tooele County. But he already has a couple of friends making big adjustments of their own.
A house near Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park that was under construction collapsed Wednesday and then crumbled even more on Thursday, creating a neighborhood spectacle and costing a family their home.
Nineteen-year-old Rhett Carbine has a rare genetic disorder that makes it hard for him to breath. Two weeks ago, his personalized wheelchair was stolen.
When the new Salt Lake City International Airport opens for flights in 17 months, the city wants everyone to remember their experience for the right reasons — including art that reflects the beauty and character of the state.
When was the last time you visited Tooele County? If it’s been awhile, community leaders are eager for you to come back and they’ve rolled out a new campaign to make everyone feel welcome.
Utah Clean Energy contends Rocky Mountain Power is doing away with energy savings incentives in the years ahead, but the power company insists it will continue giving money back to the customers through other incentives.
Utah will pay $35 million for fire suppression costs this year, the biggest wildfire bill ever in the state. The federal government is picking up $75 million for a total of $110 million in firefighting costs in the state tthis year.
Dozens of students in Woods Cross have to cross multiple train tracks and interstate ramps on their walk to their junior high school. Some parents say the path to the South Davis Junior High is dangerous, and the district should provide bus service.
A 14-year-old girl died after a crash on her way to school Tuesday morning that also injured two of her sisters.
Representatives from South Korean presented Ambassador for Peace Medal to 19 Native Americans from the Ute Tribe.
A 14-year-old boy riding in his family’s car during an afternoon drive was shot and killed Sunday by nearby target shooters who apparently weren’t aware of their backstop.
Saturday, Salt Lake City is holding a friendly competition called Pancakes and Puncturevine to get rid goathead weed and its spiny seeds that can puncture tires.
Three wildlife biologists and a KSL 5-TV photojournalist are taking antibiotics after a potential exposure to the plague. The biologists handled dead prairie dogs in southern Utah that later tested positive for the plague.
A small plane crashed Thursday morning in Cache County, authorities said.
Once the mercury rises above 90 degrees, dogs can overheat in their very own yards after just five or 10 minutes, animal advocates say.
Less than three years after being built, 11 homes in South Jordan may be bulldozed to make way for a wider Bangerter Highway intersection at 10400 South.
A fatal shooting by a security guard on the job downtown has prompted discussion about training and licensing requirements in the state, which were reduced this year.