After immigration mail from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services went missing in the fall of 2017, coworkers reported to supervisors that they found the mail in places it wasn’t supposed to be.
Emotional roller coasters aren’t new for veterinarians, but the pandemic has placed even more pressure on an overwhelmed system. Experts largely agree that the veterinarian industry has been facing a mental health crisis for a long time before COVID-19 emerged, to the point of having the highest suicide rate of any other profession.
Pharmacists across the state and the nation are seeing a decrease in the control of their workload and their sense of community, as well as a lot more burnout, depression, anxiety and emotional exhaustion.
Pressure and stress from the pandemic are impacting the mental health of many Utah teachers and staff. Educators are facing increased workloads, staff shortages, COVID-19 and other illness, limited sick leave political backlash and students falling behind.
Studies have demonstrated that dealing with this level of death and sorrow day in and day out has resulted in a still-increasing spike in post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness in doctors and health care workers.
Game rooms and kombucha bars may have helped with recruitment, but they’re not the perks that keep employees around, Utah tech leaders said during the Silicon Slopes Summit on Thursday.
“We’re turning our attention to new horizons,” the chairwoman of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies said during Thursday Silicon Slopes Summit in Salt Lake City.
A group including Apple CEO Tim Cook, former NBA star Dwyane Wade and Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds announced a goal to raise $13 million to sustain Encircle homes for LGBTQ youth.
The device — made of a carbon-fiber frame, plastic composites and aluminum, weighs just 5.4 pounds. It consists of a harness around the wearer’s waist with custom electronic systems, microcontrollers and sensors that connect to a lightweight, efficient electromechanical actuator on the user’s thigh right above the amputation.
Health care providers worldwide are facing complete and utter burnout to the point of mental illness. ICU nurses in particular are leaving at unprecedented rates after being traumatized by being constantly surrounded by horrific deaths because of COVID-19.
A report from Voices for Utah Children estimates 8.3% of children in Utah do not have health insurance, and the state ranks 46th — among the worst in the country — for rates of uninsured children. The report from the multi-issue child advocacy organization states that children and youth of color and in rural areas are among the most likely to not have health insurance. The number of uninsured Hispanic and Latino children statewide is almost double the state average.
Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health are located in adjacent areas with no geographic overlap, so together they will employ more than 58,000 caregivers, operate 33 hospitals and run 385 clinics across Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana and Kansas. The merged organization will be based in Salt Lake City with a regional office in Broomfield, Colorado, and will retain nonprofit status.