The United Utah Party’s lawsuit against the Lieutenant Governor’s Office to get me on the ballot for the special election to fill Jason Chaffetz’ seat had its first hearing on June 26, and it went far, far better than I could have possibly imagined.
Cursing the darkness can only accomplish so much. Lighting candles can accomplish so much more. Writing this column for the past five years has been my attempt to light as many candles as I can.
The “Breaking Bad” prequel is very well done, but the audience knows too much of how this story is going to end.
The Netflix revival of “Mystery Science Theater 3000" takes some getting used to, but it’s still a whole lot of fun.
ABC’s revival of “Match Game” is vulgar and, therefore, not interesting.
David M. Lutken, the star of the Pioneer Theatre Company production of “The Will Rogers Follies,” has some fascinating stories of his time coaching celebrities in the original Broadway production who performed cameos as Wiley Post.
I thought it would be fun to share my responses to Facebook questions about Broadway musicals.
Disney has decided to use repurposed footage of Carrie Fisher to finish the new Star Wars trilogy. This, I believe, is a very bad idea.
It seems that the people who produced the Netflix film “The Most Hated Woman in America” really like their ostensibly hated subject. What they really hate is people of faith.
Allies and critics of the National Endowment for the Arts are talking past each other and missing the possibility of a common-sense solution.
Audiences seemed to like Marvel’s “Iron Fist,” and critics didn’t. I’m with the critics on this one.
When watching any interpretation of someone else’s belief system, try to imagine what they would be saying if it was your church being put under the microscope.
I have no problem with people criticizing my article about the gay character in “Beauty and the Beast.” My problem is that many of the complaints have little or nothing to do with what I actually wrote.
Some are upset about a gay character in the live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” but understanding the context can help diffuse the controversy.
I was impressed by how graciously everyone handled the best picture confusion, which, by all accounts, appears to have been a simple and honest mistake.
“Arrow” is a terrible vehicle for debating the merits of gun control legislation.
When it comes to President Donald Trump “Saturday Night Live” is preaching to the choir, and that’s not likely to persuade anyone on the other side of the political divide.
Hugh Jackman wants to up the violence level in his last X-Men film to R-rated levels, and I’m not interested.
The tragic loss of Carrie Fisher doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to have seen the last of Princess Leia.
I once wrote a parody song for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform on “The Tonight Show” with Conan O’Brien, but, alas, it was not to be.
The choir’s performance should serve as a reminder to its current president that we are a nation built on principles that preceded President-elect Donald J. Trump and will — hopefully — endure long after he is gone.
The choir’s visit to Germany in 1955 provides a precedent for how their music can transcend politics and bring people together.
“Rogue One” is the best Star Wars movie since “The Empire Strikes Back” because it’s the kind of prequel Star Wars fans have always wanted.
Much has been said about “fake news” since the election last month, but, surprisingly, none of it has been positive.
A Utah-based a cappella singing group has combined the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with the Broadway smash “Hamilton,” and the delightful result is becoming a viral sensation.
An old friend has taught me to see this Christmas favorite in a new light.
The vice president-elect’s treatment by the cast of “Hamilton” isn’t really that big a deal one way or the other.
The new Netflix series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II pulls no punches when it comes to depicting the perils of cigarette smoking.
Like the 1986 flop “Dune,” Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” tries to cram too much information into a single movie.