Jim Dalrymple II is a journalist based in Salt Lake City. He writes about housing for Inman, and is the author of the newsletter Nuclear Meltdown about families. He previously worked for BuzzFeed News and the Salt Lake Tribune.

A stronger sense of what we have in common might improve the way we approach everything from debt ceiling debates to climate change.
Historically a mom-and-pop business, real estate is now the target of wealthy institutions. What happens when homeownership becomes less and less accessible?
Conservatives were the original conservationists. Today’s right-leaning Americans can reclaim that legacy.
Seeing the world can broaden horizons — and destroy our most beloved destinations. Let’s change that.
I didn’t want to foist a public identity on my kids at a point when they really couldn’t comprehend or consent to what that would entail.
Well-meaning regulations about child safety may have also raised the barrier to entry for starting a family.
Housing and families are deeply linked. You can’t talk about one without considering the other.