Spending on Valentine’s Day has increased, but Americans aren’t in love with the holiday like they were before the recession.
The recession brought about job loss and massive foreclosure rates, but data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a silver lining in the country’s economic turmoil.
Personal finance can be a complicated realm that is often hard to traverse. Deseret News: Moneywise focuses on helping you and your family navigate the often difficult world of finance.
Cover letters are often full of embellishment and pathetic pleas, but one internship applicant decided he was done kidding around.
A “phishing” scam promising two free airline tickets has made its way back to Facebook.
The payroll-tax holiday wasn’t extended and will expire on Monday.
Congress and the White House may have averted the so-called “fiscal cliff,” but a familiar financial challenge is coming up that could mean higher taxes and reduced government programs.
In the wake of last week’s tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn., many are starting to point the finger at U.S. government programs, like Medicaid, and saying those programs need to expanded to prevent future tragedies.
Actor Chuck Norris, who is an outspoken proponent against the Obama administration, called for readers to “choke the life out of Obamacare” in a blog post, published Sunday.
DeseretNews.com, Utah’s largest news website, has undergone changes to its navigation, which will help emphasize the company’s values-based content.
Many believe the money from Powerball sales goes to help education, but about 72 cents of every dollar goes doesn’t make it to a school’s budget.
The end of a temporary payroll tax cut may mean growing deficits and an underfunded Social Security system.
More Americans are worried about their finances as the BankRate.com Financial Security Index fell to 97.1 percent in November, which is the third-lowest result of the year.
President Barack Obama remained firm on his stance to raise taxes on the wealthy, claiming that Republicans will have to compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff.
As the job market landscape changes, one corporate executive believes the old ways of obtaining employment are done for.
There may be some gift cards to watch out for this holiday season.
American Airlines plans to freeze pension plans for its 10,000 pilots, which stops any funds from accruing for the employees towards their retirement.
Now that the election is over and Obama is re-elected, voters are apparently expected to stock up on firearms.
Our nation’s next president wasn’t the only thing elected last night. So was $10.9 billion in local-government debt.
A 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision lifted the ban that kept private employers from discussing political matters with their employees.
A majority of Americans at least somewhat agree that they are not prepared for a major catastrophe, according to a January 2012 National Geographic study.
Deseret News among fastest growing newspapers nationally; Sunday edition now largest Utah paper by circulation.
With “Frankenstorm” fast approaching, many charitable organizations are mobilizing to help with relief efforts.
The federal budget deficit and a struggling job market are at the top of a list of concerns for small businesses in Utah.
Taxpayers in Illinois are starting to feel the sting of mismanaged debt as the poor condition of its public infrastructure becomes critical.
Utah has one of the top 10 best tax climates for businesses in the U.S., according to the Tax Foundation.
A 1966 law specifically allowed football leagues a 501(c)(6) status as tax-exempt trade organizations.
Pensions are a state and municipal problem, according to Pensions & Investment Magazine.