JD Roger, class of 2012, is a personal banker. In part, he attributes his success in securing employment to having additional tools, such as his own website, that helped him stand out to hiring managers who are viewing hundreds of resumes.
In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, the clergy have taken a more prominent role in the media. Behind the strength they show outwardly, clergy in many religious traditions have been struggling financially for some time.
Families are paying more attention to employment and income potential for certain majors, but average salary can be misleading. There are also ways to improve the odds of material success for students who choose less lucrative fields of study.
America’s relationship with standardized testing is a strained one. For a nation obsessed with numbers and rankings, there is something about these assessments that make us uncomfortable. A different view could alleviate a good deal of stress.
Campaigns and football seasons are compressed organizational life cycles with lessons for anyone in a leadership position. A goal is set, a team is built, players get swapped in and out, mistakes get made and a clock ticks down to a conclusion.
We seldom associate scalability with a small county animal shelter. But as a thousand-mile wide super storm kept most eyes on the sky, eighty-five strangers in suburban Philadelphia opened up their homes to save animals in need.