It is one thing to cite statistics about the past. It is another to discuss the chances a person has to reach the top fifth in income distribution starting from the bottom fifth.
ICRISAT’s sustainable farming practices bring innovative solutions to empower farmers and people dependent on agriculture. ICRISAT is developing smart foods and creating diets with low environmental impact that contribute to food security.
The glass ceiling is real. At the same time, it is less of an obstacle than it used to be. One of the reasons for the change is education.
We each play a part in making society imperfect. And like people, institutions (including businesses, governments, churches and civic organizations) also create good and bad for society.
Recently, some psychologists started to consider smartphones as extensions of our personalities. That is, to some extent, the smartphones we buy tend to show our personality traits. But how much can people guess about us from our phones?
With health care costs projected to increase even more in the next few years, a lot of innovation is needed to bring costs down across the board.
According to Time, total student debt in the U.S. exceeded credit card debt in 2010. It grew larger than car loans in 2011, and it passed $1 trillion in 2012.
In East Africa, native tour guides have formed an organization that is transforming the future of African wildlife and Kenyan safari travel.
Families share the burden of debt, yet it disproportionately impacts children. Educational researchers suggest that 60 percent of a child’s success in school is related to the child’s socioeconomic background.
Globally, the top 1 percent of the richest own as much as half of all household wealth. Furthermore, it is expected that by the end of 2016, the top international 1 percent will own as much as the rest of people worldwide.
While music is an essential part of our personal lives, it can also be an appropriate tool in the business and academic worlds.
The law has made it more difficult for smaller firms to compete against the financial giants and brought more non-banks into markets, especially, as of late, into mortgage markets.
The U.S. is on track to break $1 trillion in outstanding credit card debt for the first time in history.
Disruptive innovation is a theory put forward by Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School. Put simply, disruptive innovation is a type of challenge that creates new markets while upending existing markets in the process.
We have written extensively about solar energy — both supportively and skeptically — in past columns. But we have not approached solar from the same statistically oriented approach that we do here.
In order to understand coffee’s economic value chain, it’s important to understand the process each bean needs to go through in order to become the final product for the drinker.
This small study demonstrates just how hard it is to move the needle on positive educational outcomes in towns considered to be average to above average across the U.S.
Aman Ambulance, Pakistan’s first state-of-the-art ambulance network, provides 24/7 emergency medical services with an average response time of eight minutes.
Many Americans plan on Medicare to cover the costs of post-retirement health care needs. But unfortunately Medicare is very particular about what types of long-term care it pays for.
What are the repercussions of redefining the meaning of refugee? Some experts worry a redefinition could increase security risks, economic burdens and the threat of deceitful opportunists.
Is it true that, overall, more bad things are happening than good ones around the globe? Or is it that only bad news makes it to the headlines?
Instead of asking, “How can we make housing more affordable for the poor?” perhaps the better question is, “How can we assist the poor to help themselves?”
Sometimes it seems to me that our country has not progressed at all in this decade. Have we given up on each other? Taken steps backwards?
For the last few decades, medical payments have followed a fee-for-service model, much like a fast food restaurant. You come in, receive a treatment, and are charged for it, regardless of outcome.
Mandatory spending programs, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, overwhelm the budget. Unprecedented statutory decisions made by politicians over the years have also resulted in tax levels that do not pay for the programs.
With the right partners and strategy, growing highly successful and profitable companies can have a significant developmental impact. This is what drives Sarona: building a diversified portfolio of funds and companies to deliver growth that matters.
So, again assuming that climate change exists and is largely caused by humans, the U.S. would help itself, as well as Bangladesh, by making basic changes — using renewable energy, power-saving electronics, smaller cars and public transportation.
Maybe those of us who own big companies need to acknowledge that any big success we may have had in business has come largely as a result of our employees. If this is true, we may need to reward them with some degree of ownership.
There is a need for a greater focus on home-grown technology and innovations instead of wild, debt-fueled, investor-vexing acquisitions.
One of the easiest ways to reduce drug prices is by replacing more brand-name drugs with generic drugs, or generic substitution (GS).