Giving coverage to the criminals influences copycat incidents.
If you are astute in reporting what is already happening and insightful about the effects it has on things your co-worker cares about, he or she is likely to listen.
We have far less control over our behavior than we think. The best way to control your behavior is to take control of the things that control you, starting with your environment.
The most powerful way to improve the moral character of our world is not policing but talking. We can help one another stay morally engaged by simply talking more often about the values embedded in the decisions of the moment.
Bad behavior is more often due to a lack of skills than to bad motives. When we learn to recognize our tendency to ask, “Why would a reasonable, rational and decent person do this?” our influence efforts improve markedly.
Change your posture. Body language affects not only how others see us, but also it appears to change how we see ourselves.
Use behavioral science tactics to help children take control back from the game controller and other electronic devices.