Despite New England’s religious history, it seems as though religion may become just that in the area — history. According to a recent Gallup poll, the state of Vermont is tied with its neighbor New Hampshire as the least religious states in the nation, with only 23 percent of their respective populations describing themselves as “very religious.”
As Orem Community Church moderator Don Pendergrass pushes around a garden spreader on a plot of land just north of the church Monday night, he gestures towards groups of families showing up wearing work gloves and old clothes.
On “The Daily Show”, comedian Jon Stewart took bipartisan shots at those who have a problem with presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s religion
The Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies reported Tuesday that the LDS Church grew 45.5 percent in the U.S. from 2000-10, but a reporting discrepancy shows actual growth was about 18 percent.
New survey from the Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life shows many Americans think politicians talk about religion too much.
Christian rock band Third Day will be performing at 7 p.m. in Salt Lake City on May 3 as a part of the group’s “Make Your Move” tour. The tour highlights their new album “Move.”
American evangelist Billy Graham says although idols of stone or metal are scarce, society still worships idols of money, power and possessions.
The Family Research Council sued the U.S. Navy today for not responding to a Freedom of Information Act request for records concerning a Bible ban at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.
Roman Catholic bishops issued a proclamation to church members Thursday to defend religious liberty, even calling on members to “have the courage not to obey” unjust laws.
Betty Wells’ sense of humor and love of people cause those around her to say she has a sweet spirit.
A majority of the American public says religious news coverage is too sensationalized, while less than 30 percent of journalists agree according to a survey released Thursday.
Former Los Angeles Lakers star A.C. Green became known as the NBA’s “Iron Man” for playing in a record 1,192 straight games.
A video released last week in which BYU students discuss dealing with same-gender attraction and their membership in the LDS Church gathered some momentum in the university community Friday as friends shared it and linked to it on Facebook and YouTube.
Tebow-mania put the quarterback’s faith in the headlines, especially as some attributed the miraculous comebacks of the Broncos’ season to his faith. However, Americans aren’t the only ones who have lifted sports to a spiritual plane.
Americans anticipate the weekend and usually have more positive emotions as the work break approaches. However as a new week begins, only those who attend church consistently are able to hold on to the positivity until Monday.
According to the U.S. News and World Report’s law school rankings, BYU and The University of Utah are among the top-50 law schools in America.
With the ability to shape our public image on facebook, the false perception of other peoples’ lives on the social media site can lead us to compare our shortcomings with others’ strengths.
While watching “All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise” on HBO with her conservative mother, Beverly Sharp’s liberal leanings on the topic of same-sex marriage came to light. When Sharp’s mom protested that a lesbian couple on the show was being able to adopt a child, Sharp came to the couple’s defense.
Sarah Taylor sat peacefully in the sanctuary of Coram Deo church in Eagle Mountain, Utah, normally a place of clarity and not confusion. The church’s name, meaning “before the face of God,” describes how Taylor tries to make her decisions — comfortable before his face. Worshipping with the family she lived with the Sunday following the 2008 presidential election, 13-year-old Toddy asked Taylor about one of those decisions.
Religious celebrations like Lent, Yom Kippur and Ramadan benefit individuals by making them practice self-discipline. However in American society, immediate gratification is becoming more of the norm.
Two high profile cases involving the discussion of God in public schools have avoided the Supreme Court’s decision, leaving similar issues up to lower courts’ interpretation.
The strength of Mitt Romney’s campaign amongst conservatives is the rebuilding of a bad economy. However, as the White House has made some controversial moves regarding social issues, the revival of a culture war benefits Rick Santorum.
With their hit single “God’s Not Dead” still riding high on the Billboard CHR charts after hitting No. 1 earlier this month, Christian pop rock band Newsboys will be stopping in Utah as part of their national tour.
The government has had recent bouts with religious entities compromising religious liberty. However, some religious and conservative groups may be compromising it on their own.
Slate contributor Matthew Bowman says producers are missing the mark in defining Mormonism in the artistic square.
Sitting at the Christmas dinner table with her eyes closed and head bowed, Alexis Gewertz felt out of place for the first time. Although she had never avoided talking or learning about Jesus as a Jewish woman, the religiosity of the pre-meal grace at her boyfriend’s family’s Rhode Island home in December 2009 raised some cultural red flags.
As the race moves west, the Mormonism that previously hindered Mitt Romney, may end up being his ace in the hole.
The Obama administration is taking heat from both sides of the aisle for its decisions on mandating contraceptive coverage in insurance plans
Too much money, too perfect, too happy, too disconnected with the real world. Is it Mitt Romney people are bothered with, or the Mormon Church?
Mitt Romney was criticized for his contributions to the LDS church, yet contributions to institutions that serve sects may be the most effective method of donations.