Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke about the trend when he visited Utah, but a New York Times columnist doesn’t buy his explanation.
Biden’s plan doesn’t appear to have the votes and Mitt Romney said he’s supporting the House GOP’s proposal
Lee said the mandate that kept tennis star Novak Djokovic from entering the U.S. should end.
Republicans are calling on Biden to negotiate before the country defaults on its debt.
Trump said the Republican Party should get his ‘approval’ for the debates.
In a joint interview with the Deseret News, they spoke about what they hoped DeSantis learned while in Utah.
He said the Republican Party needs to “shake a culture of losing”, and he spoke about what Utah and Florida have in common.
Utah’s federal delegation and state officers are also expected to address the GOP delegates.
Rep. Owens said in a speech that the bill will protect the nation’s female athletes
Curtis said the federal government needs to ‘step up’ when it takes land stewardship away from the state.
In an 11th hour move, Disney attempted to secure powers before a state-appointed board took over, DeSantis said
The convention also featured other declared and expected 2024 GOP presidential candidates.
Freedom says his Muslim mother called Utah the “holiest place in America” when he was drafted by the Jazz.
A Curtis spokesperson told the Deseret News he was recently named one of the most effective lawmakers
The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the bureau Monday for more information about its tactics.
Jordan announced Monday the Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing in New York City to highlight Bragg’s ‘pro-crime’ policies
Representatives John Curtis and Annie Kuster shared with the Washington Post how they are working across the aisle.
The 34 felony charges accuse the former president of falsifying records with the intention of concealing an undisclosed crime.
Sen. Mike Lee and Reps. Chris Stewart and Burgess Owens reacted to the news.
Trump calls the indictment ‘Political Persecution and Election Interference,’ will reportedly turn himself in next week
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will also speak to the GOP state delegates on April 22 at the organizing convention
Rep. Burgess Owens has said reparations are ‘condescending’ and part of a ‘racist narrative’
All four Utah congressmen voted for the bill. Opponents say it reduces local control over education.
A bipartisan group of lawmakers condemned TikTok as a national and personal security threat.
New York and Washington, D.C., law enforcement are already preparing for possible civil unrest.
Reports indicate Trump could soon be indicted of a crime in New York or Georgia
The alliance of governors vows to fight “woke” investment strategies by coordinating state-level actions.
Utah GOP state delegates will gather April 22 to vote on a new leadership team
In a more serious tone, Pence said history will hold Trump “accountable” for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.