The North Dakota man admitted to fatally hitting the teenager with his car after the two had a ‘political argument’
The bill, put forward by Sen. Josh Hawley, would also require ‘transparency’ of student outcomes
Various other Republican-aligned groups appear to be stepping in to fill the void
Hillary Fordwich says reparations should be sought from the African rulers who enabled slavery in the first place
Shiva Rajbhandari turned 18 just days before the election and is likely the only student in state history to serve on the school board
He asserted that it is better for immigrants to be sent to sanctuary cities that want them rather than being kept in the border states where they aren’t wanted
Our Founding Fathers knew the dangers of tyranny by a majority so they built in protections to protect the minority.
State lawmakers demand University of South Carolina ‘apologize to BYU’ after canceling women’s basketball series.
Trump’s track record of endorsement victories and defeats are seen by many as an indication of his strength in the Republican Party.
“I think we should have a law at the federal level that would say after 15 weeks, no abortion on demand ... that’s where America should be”
Some polls show the Republican gubernatorial candidate is within striking distance
The justice lamented the way the leak has inhibited the jurists ability to discuss their differing opinions confidentially before refining them for the public
Conservative groups also gained access to opposition data, but Democrat-aligned groups benefited the most from Snap’s gaffe.
Democrats are urging Visa, MasterCard and American Express to flag suspicious purchases to fight gun crime.
Former presidents from Carter to Trump expressed their admiration for the queen
Texas and Arizona governors have bussed thousands of migrants to ‘sanctuary cities’ run by Democratic mayors
Social media giants deferred to the Biden administration over whether to censor dissenting COVID-19 opinions online.
In the video, the elementary school admin says he tries to influence students’ thinking without parents finding out.
The recharging prohibition comes a week after lawmakers proposed to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2035, to meet Gov. Gavin Newsom’s climate change goals.
Sen. Chuck Grassley said whistleblowers accused Agent Timothy Thibault of partisan behavior.
Even some Democrats have warned that the party is playing a dangerous game by promoting candidates with extreme views.