As of 2011, 20 percent of third-grade boys and 18 percent of third-grade girls have a cellphone, according to a study of Massachusetts students. Seventy-five percent of those ages 12 to 17 own cellphones compared to only 45 percent in 2004, according to a 2010 Pew Research Center publication.
Loud cheers erupted from the otherwise quiet game room at the assisted living community Thursday. Amid the occasional dispatch crackle from a firefighter’s radio, residents at the center shouted encouragement and dished out good natured trash talk while waving pompoms.
Utah’s wage gap between men and women — the third biggest in the country — is about more than just money. Experts say the disparity stems from women’s lack of education and training in professions that earn higher wages.
A homeless man was found dead Friday morning after overnight temperatures dropped and a snowstorm hit Salt Lake City, authorities said.
Occupy Salt Lake City, a protest movement modeled after Occupy Wall Street in New York City, is celebrating six months of activity by a downtown march Friday.
Sharon Brouse this week came to a farm supply store in Draper and picked out seven newborn chickens for her grandchildren in anticipation of Easter.
TIF districts allow cities to lure businesses with subsidies paid for by new taxes raised within the development district. The districts defended as a way to capture taxes from a business that might otherwise have not moved to their location.
Sunday is potluck night at the Wasatch Commons co-housing community. Neighbors trickle in at dusk to the common house and choose from dishes displayed on a foldable table.
Communities living apart from society are often entrepreneurial out of necessity. The United States has a rich history of intentional communities — from Catholic monasteries to secular communes — and the businesses used to sustain and put into practice those community’s values.
“Reducing the pool of unmarried men and leveling the reproductive playing field would have decreased crime, which would have spurred commerce, travel and the free flow of ideas and innovations...”
Married men make 44 percent more than single men, while married women make 10 percent less than single women.
Research carried out at Baylor University in Texas indicates a link of personality traits to the likelihood of helping others.
Target and other companies use data to model a shopper’s characteristics to a surprising degree.
Iranians are stockpiling daily needs like rice and cooking oil as a result of economic sanctions.
The FDA has shut down the selling of raw milk across state lines by an Amish farmer.
With the third lowest unemployment rate in the nation — only 4.5 percent compared to the national 8.3 percent in January — South Dakota is looking to recruit skilled workers from outside the state.
The United States has the most progressive income tax system among industrialized nations said Veronique de Rugy, a senior research fellow at the non-profit Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
More couples stayed married in the U.S. during the recession, but it may have not been out of love.
Stephanie Giovanetti, the mother of a 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, lives in Boston, works for a non-profit in D.C., and doesn’t feel like she has to choose between her job and her family.
A new generation of veterans, many returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, are making the adjustment to civilian life as many have done before — but times have changed.
SALT LAKE — It’s Friday afternoon at Friendship Manor in Salt Lake, and Tyrone Winston is rushing around the tiny room filling water bottles and wiping down Richard Uriarte’ legs. Uriarte, a former star linebacker at Southern Utah University, is a quadriplegic, and would need a personal aide like Winston if he ever wanted to look out of his 10th floor window at the nearby University of Utah football stadium.
Charitable donations from some of the richest in the United States increased in 2011.
SANDY — Valerie Simpson picks up her three children from school, all bundled in winter coats, on a biting winter afternoon in Sandy and begins her weekly rally of parental effort known to many as raising kids.
On a typical weekday, Rena Lakai gets up early and goes to work as a caregiver in Salt Lake, showing up at about 9 a.m. at the homes of her elderly clients, making them food, doing their laundry and then sitting and talking with them until about noon, when her job is done.
Americans’ trust of the federal government is low, according to new polls conducted recently. And while the issue of inequality has been in the forefront of political discourse, Americans do not think the federal government should prioritize redistributing wealth.
High unemployment coupled with rising tuition has potential students reconsidering the college investment.
Scouring your cupboard for unwanted canned goods to donate during the holiday season is a tradition for many. You feel good about ridding your kitchen of generic brand cans of French green beans, and hungry Americans, in theory, are grateful to receive much-needed food during the giving season.