Opponents of the proposed law called it government overreach and a policy best left to schools.
An unborn fetus would count as a person for the purpose of using the carpool lane under a proposed law.
This bill could ban the use of cellphones and smartwatches in Utah classrooms.
The Stabilization Grant for child care facilities ends in September. Parents worry they may not be able to afford child care.
A proposed resolution would set a concrete goal for improving the lake, while a bill would direct sales tax revenue toward water conservation.
State lawmakers are considering extending the benefit to spouses of retired police officers, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters and others.
Sen. Curt Bramble’s bill would prevent insurance companies from using copay assistance adjustment policies.
A Utah lawmaker aims to prevent schools from prohibiting athletes from wearing religious or modest attire while competing in sports.
A Utah lawmaker has a bill to combat the risk, fraud and potential violence that often goes with online dating.
The Utah Legislature is considering banning gas chamber euthanasia in animal shelters.
‘Lawyer salaries have gone through the roof,’ upping competition for Utah judges, Durrant tells Utah Legislature