Students at Weber State University are partnering with Ogden on a campaign to make the world a better place.
BioFire Diagnostic, a Salt Lake company, is working overtime to make test kits to help doctors diagnose various illnesses. Patient blood and other fluid samples are analyzed by the kits, which can deliver results in under an hour.
After receiving a complaint from a citizen who said automobiles were not stopping for people in the crosswalk, the South Salt Lake City Police Department decided to conduct a sting operation at busy crosswalks near a school zone.
Seeing a fly or two buzzing around the house is something a simple fly swatter can handle. But residents near a milk farm in Lehi are seeing thousands of flies all summer long.
Thinking of going camping this Memorial Day weekend? Mother Nature may have something to say about that.
The University of Utah announced Wednesday the formation of a varsity esports program — “E” as in electronic. The program is the first of its kind from a school out of the Power Five athletics conferences.
City leaders in Garland have declared a state of emergency, as hundreds of homeowners continue to battle rising waters.
A Spanish Fork snowplow driver narrowly avoided children who were playing in a snow tunnel that they had dug in a pile of snow on the street.
A South Jordan family getting ready to go to Hawaii got quite a surprise moments before they were going to head to the airport Wednesday morning.
Meet Dr. da Vinci Xi. He’s not your typical doctor. In fact, this doctor isn’t even human. Robotic surgical equipment is used in hospitals across the country. Here in Utah, St. Mark’s is using two such devices.
With more people hitting the roads for Thanksgiving, several students want people to know that seat belts do save lives, and they are proof of that.
It was an unfortunate accident on an icy patch of road. And a young father only wanted to help someone get out of harm’s way.
Driving up Parleys Canyon will soon be a little safer. Friday the Utah Department of Transportation started putting up wildlife fencing on westbound I-80 near Jeremy Ranch.
Some parents in the Jordan School District are upset over the school dress code their kids brought home. It said students cannot wear clothing with military insignia. The district says that is not its policy.
The cry of a baby could be heard in downtown Salt Lake City Thursday morning right after the child was born inside a van on 300 South near Main Street.
A display in the sky late Wednesday night caught thousands of people off guard, but the event was actually expected.
Fireworks are loud and exciting, but they can also make for some bad air.
Anyone driving on 500 South by Rice-Eccles Stadium has probably seen it: a new giant video scoreboard. But it’s not just a big video screen. It’s also a brand new sound system that university officials say will enhance the fan experience.
The North Davis Sewer District just expanded its wastewater treatment facility in anticipation of big growth in the region, but it’ll do much more than just treat human waste.
With drone technology improving, more and more people are flying them just for fun. With wildfire season here, lawmakers and firefighters want to make sure people know the rules before they fly.
It’s that time of year when fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant and farmers markets are popping up all over the state. This week marks the 25th anniversary of the farmers market at Pioneer Park.
Salt Lake City International Airport became an even bigger player in international air travel as KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s first direct flight from Amsterdam arrived at the airport Thursday.
Construction workers on Wednesday discovered some bones at the original university library, which is undergoing a major renovation. But it’s not a crime scene, so anthropologists have been called in to investigate.
Martin Frey is about to wrap up an amazing journey. Frey travels the world giving motivational talks to businesses and private groups, sharing his adventures and encouraging people to push themselves.
The George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, was recently designated as a National Historic Landmark. Construction began in 1923 and was funded and built by the Masons.
Until a few weeks ago, many people had probably never heard of the Zika virus. Co-Diagnostics Inc. in Bountiful is working to find ways to identify the disease faster, particularly in the poorer countries where the outbreak is occurring.
The Utah International Auto Expo gets underway Friday and that means more than 350 vehicles will be on display for people to look at up close and even take them for a test drive.
To handle the growth and improve safety in Salt Lake County’s west side, the Utah Department of Transpotation will convert more intersections into freeway-style interchanges on Bangerter Highway.
The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s safe to say that one of the most popular gifts that kids and adults will ask for this year is a drone. Students at the University of Utah are looking at the social and ethical issues of drones.
Big data analytics is creating a lot of unfilled jobs. By 2018, demand will be 60 percent greater than supply.