From gadgets to one-of-a-kind surprises here are some popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men this season.
According to a new study, men who view pornography are more likely to delay marriage.
Researchers report that school-based intervention may be an effective way to address and possibly prevent teen dating abuse.
Recently, a handful of wedding and travel websites have released their top 2015 lists for best honeymoon locations.
New research finds that waiting until after recess to feed students can increases a their fruit and veggie intake by about 54 percent.
A new study found that the amount of fast food that a child consumes can influence his or her academic success.
A new study explains why parents should make sensitivity a focus during a child’s early developmental years.
Numerous lawyers have dubbed Jan. 2 as “Divorce Day” and many claim they experience a spike in divorce requests during the first few weeks of the month, making January one of their busiest divorce months.
A new study found that when parents include material goods as part of their parenting techniques it can potentially create problems for their children as they grow up and become adults.
A recent study found that the smallest cellphone interruptions can actually damage romantic relationships.
Research finds that e-cigarettes are the new nicotine trend. Here is why you should talk to your children about e-cigarette use.
A scientific study in France has measured the influence that women, wearing high heels, have over men.
A new study found that the marital bliss experienced during the honeymoon declines after the first decade of marriage, indicating couples need to work on maintaining satisfaction and happiness.
At what age do we start to feel schadenfreude, or joy in another’s misfortune? A new study suggests the age of 2.
The bureau recently announced that it may drop a handful of marriage questions from its American Community Survey.
A handful of communities are considering prosecuting or fining parents of underage children who are caught drinking.
The pictures children draw can depict their family and home life, a recent study says.
Punishments prove to be counterproductive when a child lies, says a new study. If your children are lying more after you have punished them for being dishonest, one problem may be that you need to talk to them instead.
A new study says that two common chemicals found in numerous consumer products can damage fetal development and possibly lower a child’s IQ.
American gift-giving trends and traditions reflect a change in American values, especially during the holiday season.
Researchers find that nearly 55 percent of U.S. infants sleep with unsafe bedding material that may increase the risk of SIDS.
Around 2,000 low-income couples in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were given the opportunity to marry for free this weekend.
A recent study explores the challenges that many young single adults face in their marital endeavors.
A recent study explains why some people accept date offers from unsuitable dating partners.
The Girl Scouts of the United States of America has announced a new sales platform — Digital Cookies.
Elder abuse affects as many as 2 million seniors every year in the United States and experts suggest the statistics will increase.
Couples are incorporating many different animals as part of their special celebrations.
Stores that stay open on the holiday may make more money, but it can come at the expense of their employees getting a day off.
With the NFL’s changing attitude about domestic abuse among its ranks, a college defensive end may have an uncertain future as a professional player after abuse allegations got him kicked off the Michigan football team this week.
James Michael Sama writes: “While men should perform chivalrous acts, women also should see it for what it is — respect towards them.”