Kent Condon is the sports editor for the Deseret News. A Salt Lake City native, he graduated from the University of Utah and later earned his master’s degree from Westminster College. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, longboarding and spending time with his wife and three kids.

In hindsight, maybe Kasey Olenberger’s decision to have his team wear black jerseys on a day that reached 96 degrees wasn’t such a good idea.
At just after 8 each morning, John Brocklebank would wheel his long-bed pickup truck into the parking lot of the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park. He’d navigate the roundpens and stables that stood between him and the southwest side of the modest race track in South Jordan, then hit the brakes and pull the keys from the ignition at his favorite spot overlooking the track.
Brother Derek, a horse broken and trained at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Center in South Jordan, has become the early favorite for this year’s running of the Kentucky Derby after his convincing victory at the Santa Catalina Stakes last weekend. It was his fifth win in seven starts.