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I am thankful for the love of the Savior Jesus Christ this Thanksgiving. Jesus Christ sees our potential and appreciates even our simplest attempts to do good
The heart and soul of the Savior’s message was not just that Christians love fellow Christians but that human beings love fellow human beings
We will all experience a mix of happy, joyous times interwoven with tough times. Yet tough times will often prove to be blessings in disguise.
We do our children a disservice when we don’t teach them the value of, and how to work. Meaningful work provides personal satisfaction, helps children gain confidence, self-esteem, how to persevere and be creative and resourceful.
Many mothers, and women with mothers’ hearts serve others and do good in the world — as did Jesus Christ. Make sure you not only tell them often how much you love them but show them you love them as well.
The Founding Fathers of the U.S. realized that two practices were essential to maintaining freedom and liberty. The first was operating under the rule of law, or upholding the Constitution. The second was encouraging and defending religious liberty.
The horrors of and one individual’s rescue from addiction highlights the mercy and love Jesus Christ has for each of us. It teaches of the power of redemption, every soul precious to Christ and no one sunk so low they cannot be rescued.
In our youth-obsessed world we often discount the many wonderful contributions of those who’ve grown old and gained experiential wisdom. We would all benefit from seeking their counsel and watching over and caring for them
Some public figures described the Christian Sri Lankans killed during Easter services as “Easter worshippers.” It is wrong to obscure what they died for. They were followers of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of mankind, who taught love and charity.
From the world of nature to the more intimate setting of a ward sacrament meeting, it’s obvious how much God loves and blesses his earthly children.
When fire gutted Notre Dame Cathedral it left the gold cross behind the altar untouched and gloriously shining. At Easter let it remind us Jesus Christ overcame the cross, was resurrected and is “the way, the truth, the light and life of the world.
Gathering family for scripture study or family home evening can at times seem a “total bust.” At other times, however, your persistence will bear fruit, as we found when recently discussing the parable of the sower with my son’s family.
I’ve been binge-reading the last general conference talks. It’s been great for me — reminding me what matters most, reinforcing gospel principles, motivating me to serve others. Always listen to conference talks, but try reading and pondering, too.
Gathering to make, share and eat food can be not only one of life’s great joys but food and socializing also play an important role in our mortal experience and beyond.
For children and adults, sharing is often difficult to do. Possessing seems a part of human nature but we are taught to share with others. Why is it so hard to master our passions and desires? Perhaps it is so we can learn rigorous self-mastery.
Josephine Butler’s experience in prayer replicates that of Jesus’ apostles when the Spirit gave “unto them what they should pray.” Her experience is instructive for all who seek deeper communion with God through prayer.
While many seek a peaceful world, in many ways, we are further from peace than ever before because people are encouraged to indulge rather than restrain their passions. Peace will only come as people exercise self-control as taught by Jesus Christ.
The purity of his doctrine is critical to Jesus Christ. RoseAnn Benson clarifies the distinctions between 19th-century traditional Christian doctrine and the doctrine of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
A letter to one of my ancestors reminds us all of the enormous difference an act of kindness can have in the life of another person.
While media pundits recently jumped to defend prostitution and pornography as credible professions, the reality is both trades survive on enslaved and exploited individuals. Such practices are morally bankrupt under both God’s and man’s laws.
Myriad example remind us that our Heavenly Father loves each of us beyond anything we might comprehend. He asks us to love others as he loves them. By doing so we will create a kinder, more caring world.
Mary Fielding Smith exemplifies the best of our early pioneers with her willingness to cross the plains and sacrifice the things of this world for the cause of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Her valiant example is worthy of emulation.
Founding Fathers and LDS prophets teach that the Constitution of the United States stands as our only real bulwark against tyranny and tyrants. As such, it deserves study and adherence if we desire to preserve the liberties and freedoms it enshrines
When Jesus visited Mary and Martha in their home Martha complained that her sister wasn’t doing her share. The Savior used the incident not to chastise Martha but to educate her — and us today — in the importance of studying the words of Chris
One of Jesus Christ’s little quoted, short and simple parables evocatively teaches us about our duties, assumptions and expectations with regards to bearing testimony of Jesus Christ to others.
One of life’s great miracles is not that God is active in the large and miraculous deeds of peoples and nations — of course he is — but that he hears and answers the small and simple prayers of his beloved children.