Kyle Dunphey is a reporter on the Utah InDepth team, covering a mix of topics including politics, the environment and breaking news. A Vermont native, he studied communications at the University of Utah and joined the Deseret News as an intern in 2020. Whether on his skis or his bike, you can find Kyle year-round exploring Utah’s mountains.

By defining itself as a vested mining use, Draper says Geneva Rock sidestepped oversight from officials who have clashed with the company in recent years.
Rep. Chris Stewart also criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.
As the West continues to cope with a historic drought and a windy summer, here’s what you need to know about wildfires.
Fires, heat, flooding or drought — if you live in the U.S., chances are one of these climate-fueled weather events is impacting your life.
UDOT’s recommendation was the result of years of deliberation over how to improve transportation up Little Cottonwood Canyon.
While some are victims of oversight or human error, most are simply waiting for their applications to be reviewed.
Nearly 9,000 asylum seekers have been bused to east coast cities.
If funded, the gondola B option will take skiers and snowboarders from the La Caille base station located along Wasatch Boulevard up to Snowbird and Alta.
Even though meteorological fall starts Thursday, temperatures across the valley could be 10 to 15 degrees above normal into the weekend.
The first carbon sequestration project on public land was approved last week in Wyoming.
Crews are burying power lines in hopes of preventing California-like wildfires.
Utah politicians say President Joe Biden violated the Antiquities Act, accusing him of ‘repeated, abusive federal overreach.’
Utah Jazz part-owner Dwyane Wade is listed with the Kardashians, Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Hart for exceeding their water budgets.
From restructuring the century-old leasing system for oil production on public lands, to dumping more money into National Forest management, here’s how the sweeping bill will impact the West.
Thousands trapped in Death Valley National Park, dozens rescued from flooding highway in Denver, one dies in New Mexico and Utah shatters daily rainfall record.
The proposal would mark a fundamental change to recreation in the Wasatch Mountains.
The FTC told the company to stop making “bogus” made in the U.S. claims and “come clean about foreign production.”
The actor sported a T-shirt reading, ‘I’m for Liz Cheney’ on the set his TV show.
Conservation groups warn infrastructure on the Colorado River has not kept up with declining water flows.
Nearly 85% of wildfires in the U.S. are caused by humans, including some puzzling situations.
The transportation secretary says the problems won’t be solved over night and could persist through the holidays.
The projects will improve roads and bridges, create union jobs and spur economic growth in Utah and the United States, the U.S. Department of Transportation says.
Unless farmers can find workers, food prices will continue to rise, experts say.
Utah is Buttigieg’s latest stop in the Mountain West.
The Delta Conveyance Project would wind through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, connecting the water-rich north to the dry south.
Despite a weekend of wildfires in California and Idaho, Utah’s poor air is not from smoke.
You’re not going crazy — the last few months have been unusually windy in the Salt Lake Valley.
The ruling comes as 2022 will likely be a record-breaking year for arrests along the U.S.-Mexico border.
If successful, the plan would bring one of the largest wolf populations in the U.S. to Colorado over the coming years.