Video games are known for capturing the attention of children. A recent initiative from the Department of Education seeks to harness this powerful tool for education.
With the rising cost of college tuition and debt, many students skip purchasing textbooks to cut costs, risking poor academic performances.
Meet Milo, the social robot helping autistic children learn social skills.
A new study suggest more college degrees would benefit the poorest Americans, but would do little to change the circumstances of the middle class.
Stanford has revised its financial aid policy, reducing the financial burden on lower income students. However, such policies are not available to all universities.
Homework is an important part of learning, but now researchers are looking at how much is too much for middle school students.
Arkansas leads the way in computer science education with the passage of a bill requiring high schools to offer computer science courses.
Lack of sleep is a well-known struggle in college life. Final exams often leave students pulling the dreaded “all-nighter” in hopes of acing their exams, but research shows such a strategy could backfire.
Zaytuna, a small Muslim liberal arts college in Berkeley, California, was recently granted accreditation.
A study from the University of Connecticut shows more kids choose fruit, but fewer vegetables, at school cafeterias.
The Kansas state Senate passed a bill banning the teaching of ‘harmful materials.’ The bill, now being considered by the Kansas House, addresses inappropriate content in public schools.
The popular smartphone app Yik Yak shows the danger of anonymity on social media
Teens documenting their struggle with depression have experts questioning how to lead suffering teens down a path of recovery.
More Americans than ever are pursuing higher education, but a new study suggests young Americans still lag behind global competitors when their skills are put to the test.
In an increasingly global world, a new study from the Modern Language Association shows a sharp decrease in the study of foreign languages.
Dartmouth rolls out new regulations in an attempt to curb binge drinking and sexual assaults among college students.
A new study suggest the biases of elementary school teachers has an impact on the likelihood of young girls to pursue STEM subjects.
Standing out among the masses may be hard, but the right internship can place students on a fast track to success.