Police say an unidentified student on Friday drew a picture of a gun along with the date “12/13/21” in a bathroom stall at a school. Then on Sunday, police received additional tips about a Snapchat message with a gun sent by a student, and another photo talking about an explosion.
SALT LAKE CITY — Stepping into Salt Lake’s Calvary Baptist Church, one can’t help but smile. The choir belts out songs of love — the congregation jumps to its feet and joins in.
Questionable crumbs, mysterious stains — if you’re a parent, you’ve probably found that and more on your child’s car seat. But what else is lurking on those seats, deep down? A test of more than a dozen child safety seats found a host of unwelcome passengers along for the ride.
Thieves have been targeting storage units on Salt Lake County’s east side. Break-ins have reached a peak, and the criminals behind them are getting better at covering their tracks. A KSL News investigation revealed how easy it can be to get in, and the tactics making it nearly impossible to prove a crime ever happened.