For Dean Cummings, his passion for the outdoors is only exceeded by his commitment to his family. As a backcountry skiing enthusiast, Cummings has descended hundreds of different mountains in his lifetime and on over 50 of those he has claimed first descent.
Last Saturday I competed in my second XTERRA Utah Off-road Triathlon in Ogden, Utah, (one of more than 70 XTERRA races across the U.S.held every year). Anyone who has raced it knows the XTERRA is no ordinary triathlon.
The mere mention of his name drew smiles from competitors and cheers from spectators. His mere presence inspired — and sometimes amused — the hundreds of athletes vying for prizes in the XTERRA U.S. Championship.
There are so many times in life when we think that we can’t go on. We think that it is above our physical, mental and emotional capacity, but it isn’t really that we can’t but that we believe we can’t.