Instead of staying indoors and staying warm on Christmas morning, a family of four braved the icy temperatures and frigid wind to hand out sack lunches to the needy in Salt Lake City.
It’s official. Utah electors want John McCain and Sarah Palin in office.
Want to text or talk on a cell phone while driving? Forget about it.
“Aged out” is a term used when people with special-needs reach 22 years old and can no longer attend public schools. These people are forced out of their familiar environments, resulting in boredom, loneliness and often no further educational opportunities.
Though it happened far away, it hit home.
Holidays bring food, and food brings the potential for food-borne illness.
A multitude of people of varying ages and backgrounds began their quest for a Thanksgiving Day meal at 7 a.m. Wednesday.
The Salt Lake County Council approved the 2009 county general fund budget Tuesday, but not without some changes.
After six months of providing security for coalition and noncombatant forces, security for convoys, defending military bases and providing law enforcement duties, 25 Utah Air National Guard airmen came home Saturday from a mission that started on May 16.
When Utah got involved with 46 states and sued the nation’s major tobacco companies 10 years ago, the companies settled and agreed to pay the states to recover tobacco-related health-care costs. Part of the money was to be used to fund tobacco-reduction programs.
The Utah Department of Health and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality have updated guidelines regarding when schoolchildren should go outside for recess and when they should stay in.
When the temperature drops, the threat increases.
Frozen bananas make terrible hammers. This it what one group of more than 600 girls learned Saturday at the annual Expanding your Horizons in Science and Mathematics Conference sponsored by ATK Launch Systems at Mount Ogden Junior High.
The meter is running for Salt Lake City cabdrivers. Starting Saturday, the number of cabs that are allowed to park and wait for customers in the taxi area of the airport will be reduced from 40 to 25.
Funding for the theater in the Proscenium may come from Sandy’s Redevelopment Agency.
The hospital room of the future is more interactive, integrated and efficient.
Bugs crawled around at the Utah Museum of Natural History — and people were delighted.
In a report released Tuesday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Committee to Build a Healthier America, Utah children fared well in one category and not as well in another.