Marc A. Thiessen is a Washington Post columnist.

Obama’s decision to pull out American troops was catastrophic, but even he was not dumb enough to seek a photo op with terrorists.
This self-defeating pattern is undermining the Trump presidency.
Trump should make clear that the cost of military intervention will be capital flight, brain drain and the end of Hong Kong’s preferential trade status, as well as any hopes of a trade deal.
Julian Assange is not a journalist. He is a spy. The fact that he gave stolen U.S. intelligence to al-Qaida, the Taliban, China, Iran and other adversaries via a website rather than dead-drops is irrelevant. He engaged in espionage against the U.S.
President Trump’s Iran policy appears to be careening between diplomacy and belligerence but there is a method to the madness.
Sanders’ appearance on Fox News was a calculated move to boost his presidential prospects: He needs Fox viewers to win the White House.
His testimony was certainly embarrassing for the president, but Cohen offered no evidence to advance the cause of impeachment.
Democrats are furious at former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz for announcing that he may launch an independent campaign for president.
In his second year in office, the list of extraordinary things President Trump has done, for good and ill, continued to grow.
When news broke last week that a federal judge had ruled a New York law banning possession of nunchucks was unconstitutional, I felt vindicated.
There is one area where Trump is channeling his inner George H.W. Bush — and not in a good way.