As mayor of Burlington, Vt., Bernie Sanders took a decisive stand on a religious liberty question, supporting the placement of a Hanukkah menorah on public property, according to documents discovered by an Orthodox Jewish religious group.
How do you kindle an interest in spiritual matters in an area of great affluence that’s a major technology center? In California’s Silicon Valley, and in Austin, Texas, religious groups are shaping their message to reach stressed-out techies.
In a field where an estimated 250 pastors quit their high-stress jobs each month, a resource has arisen to assist lay leaders in finding their next spiritual shepherd: a professional search firm, colloquially known as a “headhunter.”
Hope and doubt greeted the news of changes in how the Roman Catholic Church grants annulments. Pope Francis announced moves that will streamline the procedure and, potentially, make more faithful eligible to receive communion.
Roman Catholics and others in California continue to oppose a bill granting so-called “death with dignity” as the measure is being reconsidered in the state Assembly. A crush of end-of-session bills or a veto by Gov. Jerry Brown may derail it.
Centuries of hostility between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant groups that arose after Marin Luther’s 1517 exit from his religious order, thawing relations between the two camps can be seen. Rome is naming a plaza for the reformer.
As a fracas over issuing same-sex marriage licenses continues in one Kentucky county, the Supreme Court isn’t yet ready to step into the issue.
Finding a man to marry is hard, author Jon Birger said this week, not due to the “hook-up” culture, but because there are more women with advanced education than there are equivalent men. In certain faith communities, the deficit is compounded.
Using guidelines from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a new stock index tracks shares according to “social justice activity” and economic stewardship. It is one of several ways faith-based investors can reflect their beliefs.
So-called “anti-conversion” laws passed or proposed in Burma, India and Nepal are drawing fire from religious freedom experts, who say the measures hamper societal harmony.
Pope Francis’ U.S. visit this autumn has spurred a mad dash among souvenir sellers, in keeping with previous papal visits. For $160, you can order an official, life-size “cutout” of the pontiff from the group organizing one of the events.
The evolving pattern of religious affiliation in the United States is showing new trends, recent data reveals. Being a Roman Catholic, or having no religious affiliation, are most likely in urban areas, reflecting a changing faith landscape.
Remarks by Pope Francis at a Vatican ceremony this week suggest a more compassionate view towards Catholics who have been divorced and remarried without church sanction. But the call for “open doors” hasn’t settled the issue.
Proposed rules from nine federal agencies, announced by the Obama Administration on Wednesday, appear to satisfy stakeholders on all sides of the issue, interviews reveal.
The idea of a holiday, Roman or otherwise, seems foreign to Pope Francis, who is spending the summer working instead of taking a break at Castel Gandolfo, the historic retreat of pontiffs in recent years.
Physician Kent Brantly’s dramatic survival after contracting Ebola in Liberia, West Africa, in 2014 spotlighted risks missionary workers can face overseas. But Brantly, along with experts in missions, said there are ways to plan for challenges.
The Republic of Sudan’s government is expected to hold a “final hearing” for two Christian pastors Aug. 5, media reports indicate. The case, which might result in death sentences for the pair, is the latest in a series of crackdowns on Christians.
Russians’ views on whether religion benefits them and their society are changing, and not for the better, a new poll from a state-controlled researcher reveals.
Whether filling out a government form, or writing a letter, makes a group ‘complicit in evil’ is at the heart of a new appeal to the Supreme Court over provisions of the Affordable Care Act related to contraception.
Leaders of the Episcopal Church recently voted to study the church’s engagement with alcohol in light of a December 2014 hit-and-run involving a now-defrocked bishop. But the mainline Protestant church isn’t alone in dealing with the issue.
A new documentary details the life of Julius Rosenwald, whose Reformed Jewish faith led him to donate millions to build schools for African-American children in the South during the early 1900s. Singer Marian Anderson and Rep. John Lewis are alumni.
Father Robert Barron may be ready for his close-up. The media-savvy priest whose public television series “Catholicism” drew wide acclaim, has been named one of three new auxiliary bishops for Los Angeles, California, a major media center.
Nine decades after a Tennessee jury found John T. Scopes guilty of teaching evolution, both sides can claim victory, observers say. Scientists say the trial helped ensconce the theory in America’s classrooms. Doubters say their cause has grown.
On the 100th anniversary of the death of Ellen G. White, the 18.5 million member Seventh-day Adventist Church is remembering the life of its pioneering co-founder and prolific author.
One of the world’s leading spiritual thinkers, the Dalai Lama, gave cable interviewer Larry King a surprising answer to the question of how religion is faring in the modern world. He also spoke about his meetings with President Obama.
Days after the government unveiled new rules for getting religious exemptions to a mandate to provide contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act, a federal district court dealt a blow to Christian groups seeking to avoid the rules altogether.
Pope Francis says, “If I don’t dialogue with those who criticize then I have no right to express an opinion.”
Religious freedom stops in public expressions by private businesses, a growing number of activists and others are claiming. The trend has developed in light of the June 26 Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across the country.
The Obama Administration Friday released rules about mandated health care it said would cover women’s contraceptive needs while recognizing religious liberty concerns. Opponents decried the move as a slap against Supreme Court decisions on the issue.
A contentious five-year battle over the ordination of women as Seventh-day Adventist ministers ended Wednesday with a 58 percent “no” vote at the group’s quinquennial business session in San Antonio, Texas.