City, county and state officials say the Salt Lake Valley is prepared for an emergency shutdown if necessary.
The Utah Legislature failed to get the required two-thirds majority vote to hold a special override session for HB76.
Ten homeless veterans moved into their new home this week with the grand opening of the Valor House on the Veterans Medical Center campus.
When it comes to cybersecurity, University of Utah computing professor Matthew Might says it simply does not exist — yet.
As the new TRAX line to Salt Lake City International Airport prepares to open this month, the small businesses that call North Temple home are excited about potential new business.
Three of the six beavers harmed in last week’s Willard Bay fuel spill are making progress and are expected to fully recover.
While students in the Granite School District are enjoying spring break next week, Olympus High School staff will be busy making a big move next door.
Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed HB76 on Friday, the controversial “constitutional carry” bill that would allow a concealed firearm to be carried without a permit.
A bill that would have provided tax credits for the development of a hotel near the Salt Palace Convention Center was narrowly defeated in the House on Thursday night.
The House passed a bill Wednesday that would allow Questar Gas to recover up to $5 million annually from ratepayers to cover the utility’s investments to encourage more Utahns to convert their vehicles to compressed natural gas.
The House passed a bill Wednesday to offer tax credits for vehicles that run on cleaner burning fuels.
The House passed a bill Monday to prohibit the Utah Air Quality Board from regulating outdoor wood boilers differently from other solid fuel burning devices.
The House passed a bill Monday that would make it illegal to charge for the removal of mug shots published online.
The Utah House of Representatives Friday passed a bill that prohibits the sharing of concealed firearm permit information with the federal government and makes disclosing the information a third-degree felony.
The bill has the support of the Utah Attorney General’s Office because it provides greater protection of children who are subjected to sex acts, smuggling and trafficking.
A House committee Thursday unanimously supported a bill designed to curb the practice of scam artists publishing jail mug shots online and charging fees to remove them.
Utah’s capital city is one step closer to having a new hotel adjacent to the Salt Palace Convention Center.
A sex education bill supported by Planned Parenthood, the Utah PTA, Utah Eagle Forum and the Sutherland Institute passed in the House Education Committee on Friday.
The bill requires the State Charter School Board to request applications to establish innovative charter schools, such as a military charter school, a charter school for students at risk of academic failure, and a charter school focused on career and technical education.
The House passed a bill Friday to create a state suicide prevention coordinator for the State Office of Education and require that the Division Substance Abuse and Mental Health also designate a statewide suicide prevention coordinator.
The Utah House took a step Thursday toward cleaning up Utah’s air.
Utah may soon impose tougher restrictions on tattoos and piercings for minors.
There was an emotional break in the usual legislative proceedings Friday when lawmakers honored local Vietnam veterans and held an annual ceremony to honor fallen Utah soldiers in a year when none died.
Utah school districts soon may be hosting annual parent seminars on substance abuse, bullying, mental health and Internet safety.
The makeup of a board that would oversee relocation of the Utah State Prison and redevelopment of the land where it now sits has become a sticking point for state lawmakers.
HB117 would require minors to have a parent or legal guardian present, as well as written and signed parental permission, to get a tattoo or piercing.
A bill intended to promote transparency in political polling and stop the practice of “push polling” passed the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee on Friday.
Felons convicted of sex crimes against children soon may barred from running for a state and local school board.