The Church will donate $1 million to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts after the deadly and devastating wildfires.
“I know we will look back on this and see the good.” Survivors from Lahaina talk about one of the deadliest wildfires in U.S. history.
About 100 family members and supporters gathered in the biting cold at the Bountiful City Cemetery as Marine Corps Reserve Pfc. Robert James Hatch was buried with full military honors. His remains were identified in September.
Abandoned campfires are becoming a bigger problem each and every summer in the state. This is putting forests and even homes at risk. With the Labor Day weekend upon us, it’s important for people to know how to snuff out the flames of a campfire.
Students and teachers at Park City High School worked quickly to counteract what they say was hate speech scrawled near the school that targeted Latinos.
Sometime this month, East High School plans to open brand new washroom facilities for the dozens of homeless teens that attend the school. The showers and clothes washer and dryers are in addition to the school’s food pantry and clothes center.
An expectant mother involved in a head-on crash that killed two West High School students delivered a healthy daughter through an emergency C-section.
Some students are finding balance with the demands of middle school by trying out yoga during the school’s “pride time,” which is like a study hall hour.
Members of the 421st Fighter Squadron from Hill Air Force Base are home after an eight-month combat deployment in Afghanistan.
Not everyone can say they have been doing the same thing as their spouse every day for decades. A pair of married teachers in the Alpine School District will retire this month on the same day, 37 years after they both started teaching.
The Jordan School District was the first in the state to put ads on the sides of its buses, and officials reported it’s not only bringing in good money, it’s also building community pride.
A third-grade teacher at Columbia Elementary School in Kaysville has four sets of twins in her classroom, but only one set of twins is identical.
Two brothers in Davis County have lost a lot of money because someone stole their bees.
Construction will be on hold for Independence Day, but the Utah Department of Transportation says construction zones will still be in place.
A southern Utah honor student is scrambling to pay for his dream of a college education after the law said he could not claim his four-year academic scholarship to Dixie State University because of immigration status.
The Salt Lake City Facilities Division is in the middle of upgrading the sprinkler system in the Salt Lake Central and Sugar House business districts to reduce water usage.
Officials at the University of Utah say their new 3-D printer that is now available to any student, faculty or staff is getting more and more popular, and the reasons for its use are expanding into surprising fields.
Nearly 18 months ago, Pete Benda, a freshman at Juan Diego Catholic High School, fell 30 feet while getting lights ready for a theater production.
Scammers are pouncing on the situation in Ukraine to try to get money from well-meaning folks. An email claiming to be from Ukraine begs for help and money.
The Bureau of Land Management says someone stole a priceless track from a dinosaur that was made 190 million years ago.
The front locomotives on a freight train came off the tracks in West Jordan, causing minor traffic delays Wednesday.
Support is pouring in from around the country for the Orem woman who bought what she called indecent T-shirts at the mall to keep kids from seeing the images.
St. George police want to reduce distracted driving, so they’re taking pictures of drivers texting and posting them on its Facebook page.
The U.S. Supreme Court said states that collect DNA from suspected violent offenders can keep collecting the samples even if the person hasn’t officially been charged with a crime.
A vehicle drove right into a home Friday morning, sparing the occupants — a family of six — who were not home at the time.
Tosh Kano picked up E.T. from her hibernation box Wednesday and looked into her big green eyes. She’s nearly 70 years old, and Kano said the tortoise knows what’s coming this winter — which officially began Friday. Kano said he’s noticed over the years that there was a direct correlation between E.T.'s eating behavior and the winter conditions.
An group of outdoor retailers will ask President Barack Obama to make a portion of Utah into a national monument. It’s an idea that’s not sitting well with some Utah officials.
Students at Tolman Elementary School are learning about emotions and bullies through the help of drums.
Many people dream of playing in Carnegie Hall. Four young Utah girls are getting that chance on April 8th. Their accomplishments come from a combination of natural talent, a lot of discipline, and passion.