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A quick scan of the program of the March on Washington, which included three prayers, gospel music and four speeches by religious leaders, illustrates how religion played a central role in this seminal event and in the Civil Rights movement.
Gov. Steve Sisolak and his wife were threatened at a Las Vegas restaurant. The state GOP condemned the verbal attack, but most of those seeking the party’s nomination for governor took a different approach.
If Sen. Mike Lee doesn’t win a third term it could end a remarkable streak of either a Lee or Udall in Congress every decade since the 1950s.
The Biden administration has set aside $15 billion for traffic safety enhancements, including automated enforcement such as cameras to catch speeders and red-light runners.
A recent wildfire study locates newly identified “double hazard” zones for wildfires, shedding more light on why wildfires in the past several years have been so destructive to surrounding communities in the West.
Proposals in Arizona and Wyoming to let residents pay taxes in digital money have legal and political hurdles to clear, but proponents believe the efforts are a move toward broader acceptance of cryptocurrency.
The Times changed up its annual list to highlight places where visitors can be part of the solution rather than just contribute to the problems associated with travel.
There’s a $50 billion plan to more than double the use of controlled burns and logging to thin out vegetation that fuels wildfires.
Wholesale prices in December indicate inflation may be cooling off, but some economists predict another rough year in 2022.
And a group of finance scholars say all is not lost if renters reinvest those savings in other opportunities that can build wealth over the long term.
People embrace false conspiracy theories not because they believe them, but to express their distrust of government decisions affecting their lives, experts say.
An announcement was made a week after Thanksgiving traffic was reportedly backed up as far as 20 miles from where I-15 crosses the Nevada-California state line.
Both federal and state governments are making changes to expedite the painstaking process of removing offensive names from landmarks across the West.
The law sets aside $350 million to build animal crossings that prevent fatal wildlife-vehicle collisions on roads and highways crisscrossing centuries-old wildlife migration routes.
Reduced refining capacity coupled with increasing demand are some of the reasons fuel prices are so much higher in these western states than elsewhere in the country.
WalletHub released its annual survey and three states in the West ranked among the most charitable and another three were among the least giving in time and money.
American curiosity to discover the vast expanses of the West, along with political infighting between Utah and Nevada, forced the government’s hand to dictate how and where roads would be built in America.
Since 2015, at least 350 bills and resolutions have been introduced in nearly every state over the country’s biannual changing of the clocks, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
Travel websites and publications hoping to recover pandemic-induced losses are touting their top choices to visit next year. Places in the West made some but not all of the lists.
The vehicle data website looked at 10 metrics that impact the purchase and operation of an electric vehicle. Seven of the top 10 states with the highest scores were in the West.
National Heritage Areas are an economic engine for many communities that have them, including central and southern Utah.
The final ruling by the new conservative court could have widespread ramifications on balancing the rights between religious and secular interests.
The tension between voter suppression and protecting the vote is playing out across the country in state houses, courtrooms and the voting booth.
Rep. Ben McAdams’ bill would be the second attempt to emblazon Orrin Hatch’s name on the federal courthouse that opened in 2014.
Rosa Brooks contends changing recruitment and training will root out racism and brutality in policing
They fear mounting rhetoric about voter fraud and litigation over voting access could put democracy at risk
Orders to deploy the military domestically are politically fraught when they curtail the public’s right to protest.
New research says voters reward and punish incumbent president’s party at every level of government.
Republican National Committee launching $20 million campaign to fight fraud through vote by mail and other efforts by Democrats to ease voting access.
Attorney General William Barr wants the case dismissed but judge making the decision wants more time.