Thinking about investing your money for the future? Here’s an explanation of the most basic type of investment and some ideas to keep in mind when looking at investing.
First-time parents can feel a lot of stress as they dive into parenting and all the expenses involved with it. It is especially hard when there is no good go-to rule for preparing for parenting. Here are six ideas to keep in mind for new parents.
First-time homebuying can be overwhelming. Here are seven things to keep in mind when looking for that first home.
The main cause for unhappiness at work is related to how much money one makes. However, there are some factors beside money which could be more important when looking for job satisfaction.
With artists fighting for what they believe is fair compensation for their work, Jay Z’s sets up his latest business venture Tidal to be the savior of the industry. Many are doubtful that it’ll even play a role let alone solve any problems.
Companies known as “patent trolls” have made a business of buying up patents from other people and suing other companies for using technology similar to their patent. The most recent attempt to correct this practice has helped the podcast industry.
Recently, Conan O’Brien scolded one of his employees for some Twitter comments that the employee made about other late-night television hosts. This is just another example of employers watching their employees’ off-the-clock online activity.
What would happen if Google finally developed a driverless car and bought Tesla? Well, recent findings show us that future was almost a possibility a few years ago.
Etsy, a company that made a name for itself as an anti-corporate business, is now a publicly traded corporation. Now Etsy merchants and investors are waiting to see whether or not Etsy can stay true to its roots and make investors money.
Roughly half of all Americans do not invest in the stock market. Millennials invest in stock at half that rate. Here are some of the reasons why they choose not to invest in stock.
Few families have the choice of whether a parent should stay at home or not. But those who can choose have to weigh their options the best they can.
Tax day is almost here. Here’s how much taxes different income brackets pay and what they think about that amount.
Most business markets are apolitical. They make pizza, install carpet or something else. But many business feel the need to take a stand due to certain RFRA laws. Those who end up suffering consequences for their policies are going to GoFundMe.
Most people go to college to get a high-paying job when they graduate. The problems is the jobs that pay a lot aren’t always the jobs hiring and the jobs hiring aren’t always the jobs that pay a lot. Here is the best of both.
As Borders closes and Barnes & Noble tries to learn how to adopt to the modern economy, it seems as if local (indie) bookstores are making a comeback in a big way.
A new study was published showing that baby sitters make anywhere between $11 and $16 an hour. Here are eight jobs that make less than that.
Twitter is now involved in venture capital, but there is no word quite what it is trying to accomplish.
Unemployment is down, job openings are up and Wall Street is going strong. So what else needs to happen for the economy to recover?
Although March Madness is a great way for friends to compete against each other, billions of dollars are won and lost by universities, companies and individuals each year trying to find the perfect bracket.
When most people talk about balancing work and family life the discussion revolves around working women. However, studies show that men have just as many issues balancing work-life issues as women.
The Supreme Court will rule in the next couple of months regarding whose responsibility it is to address religious accommodation needs in job interviews. Here’s what you should do as an employer in addressing the issue.
Most people believe they’re happily independent if they can pay off their debts and put money in the bank. For some, that is not enough. People who live off the grid don’t just want financial independence but independent in every other way possible.
The federal government has been holding on to $1 billion for the past three years and unless taxpayers file the related tax returns, it will keep all of it.
In recent months a discussion has been created in the tech industry. The tech industry lacks women employees, it is believed. This is despite the contributions that they have made, are making and will continue to make in the field.
The goal to retire and stay that way is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to achieve for some Americans.
Daylight Savings Time is upon us once again. Here’s why we practice daylight saving time and why many people believe we shouldn’t.
In January three economists published a paper finding that cutting unemployment benefits contributed a to a large amount of job growth in 2014. Other economists aren’t convinced that these findings are correct.
Coding boot camps are springing up around the country to fill the gap a traditional college education may not provide.
Wal-Mart has announced that it will raise its minimum pay for its employees. It has also promised more schedule control as well better training, but that none of that is as good of news as it sounds.
Recently many artists have complained that companies such as Spotify, Pandora and Amazon have not fairly compensated artists for their work. However new evidence would indicate that these companies are not completely at fault.