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Jen Shah and Elizabeth Holmes have formed a friendship in their Texas prison, and all of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City had a few too many cocktails
Air travel is getting messier these days. Maybe it’s time to return to the rails.
From Jazz Bear to Lagoon performer, Mitt Romney has many appealing options to consider.
The arrest of Ruby Franke shows that children can become collateral damage in the business of “content creation”.
Astrid Tuminez, the first female president of Utah Valley University, discusses the future of higher education and why she still believes in it.
I believe we can come up with a perfect name for the 700-acre development, perhaps one that isn’t already taken.
The women of RHOSLC are ready for a fresh start after Jen Shah’s departure, but they can’t seem to stop talking about bathtub cleanliness.
With Jen Shah in prison and more women in the cast, the SLC Real Housewives might turn around.
There is no room for error in a parent’s schedule once school starts. But errors are made.
Gerry Turner wants a “high-energy” partner, which is really unfair to those of us who are half his age and pretty tired.
If I had to guess, a therapist would tell me I have some sort of arrested development disorder, though I would never tell my therapist about this flaw of mine because I want to get an A in therapy.
Utah has announced plans to improve lane visibility on freeways. That’s a good thing, but ...
If I saw this guy in the wild, I could tell you everything about his family, which is an advantage of growing up in Utah.
Teens want to see characters living lives as authentic as what they know
The movie isn’t winning any awards any time soon, but a rewatch promises a warm blanket of ’90s Utah nostalgia.
In Utah, at least, they sure know how to renew a vehicle registration.
A scary movie can be appropriate for older children, when parents help make it a safe space.
The Claw lived a rich history before landing at the Draper, Utah aquarium.
The movie theater experience is about much more than movies. It helps if the concessions are edible.
His career was paused by Covid and then a bus, but Hamilton is headed back to Utah stronger than ever.
Yes, we’re miserable, but it could be worse. We could be on the other coast
No one warned me parenting would require so much lung capacity in summer.
I can hear myself boring my loved ones.
If you squint, you can pretend those cheers and signs in the airport are for you.
I thought the iconic restaurant had disappeared from the Wasatch Front. But it’s right there, with the Sky Coaster and Whac-A-Mole.
Tourists are not respected, but being well-traveled is. Surely there’s a solution to this problem.
There is no greater oasis for the weary traveler than a clean bathroom. Here’s how to avoid restrooms of ill repute
Park City is getting the star treatment from Hasbro. I’m trying not to take it personally.
Deer are not forest royalty, meant to be respected and protected. Deer are invaders and tomato thieves.