Megan Fisher is an Intern with the Audience Team. She loves to write about arts and entertainment and has a great interest in science and current events. She is currently pursuing a degree in Film and Media Arts from the University of Utah. When not watching movies, Megan can be found going on long walks and re-reading Jane Austen.

With the latest survey of Japanese islands having been in 1987, geographers conducted a recount, finding more than double the number that was previously thought
Scientists discovered the fossilized remains of a penguin roughly the size of a silverback gorilla on a beach in New Zealand. The fossil dated back more than 55 million years
Though it’s smaller than average, technically a ‘micromoon,’ February’s full moon shines in the winter sky. Find out more about the micromoon and more full moons later in the year
While libraries are synonymous with books, they provide more free services to the community than you may at first think. From passports to free wi-fi, learn about what you can find at public libraries.
A brilliant ensemble cast led by Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and Jessie Buckley debate the rampant assault in their religious colony in the harrowing, but ultimately hopeful drama
Even dog lovers will be charmed by ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,’ a beautifully animated movie that trusts the intelligence of children and offers them thrills and scares
The trailer for Tom Hanks’s new movie ‘A Man Called Otto’ alters the movie’s tone and excludes a major plot point — one that audience members should be made aware of before watching
When the power is out in your house, a fun way to pass the time is by playing board games. Here are a few board game recommendations, perfect for wiling away the hours
Spielberg at his most vulnerable and his least sentimental tells the story of his own childhood, all while grappling with the complex emotional power of cinema, winning Best Picture and Best Director at the Golden Globe
In honor of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ writer and medieval scholar, here are some facts and trivia about the life of J.R.R. Tolkien.
When a heckler disrupted a performance of “Death of a Salesman” on Broadway, actor Wendell Pierce tried to diffuse the situation, earning praise on social media.
While the story is stretched thin and the dialogue hokey, ‘The Way of Water’ provides lush images and jaw-dropping spectacle that the audience won’t be able to see anywhere else
A study conducted by Harvard and Northeastern researchers shows that even a decrease of 9 degrees kills 42% of bacteria-fighting cells in the nasal cavity
If you have any love of movies don’t miss out on Salt Lake Film Society’s screenings of the 1942 Best Picture winner ‘Casablanca’
Throughout November, one will have a chance of spotting a dramatically bright fireball, part of the Taurid meteor shower, in the night sky.
A new study published in Current Biology finds that switching to year-round daylight saving time could prevent the death of 36,550 deer and 33 humans annually.
A study showed that hearing a musical chord while imagining a happier ending to a dream led to fewer nightmares.
The 3rd U.K. prime minister in 7 weeks, Rishi Sunak becomes the first person of color and the first Hindu in the position, and inherits a country facing economic challenges
After swimming at Nevada’s Lake Mead, a boy has died from an extremely rare brain-eating amoeba infection
‘Halloween Ends’ marks David Gordon Green’s farewell to a franchise that shows that evil doesn’t really end
The DART space mission proved more successful than anticipated by NASA, suggesting that asteroids on a collision course with earth can be diverted
Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Belarusian human rights activist and human rights groups from Ukraine and Russia
Trailblazing mountaineer Hilaree Nelson died after being caught in an avalanche on Mount Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest peak.
Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album is coming out Oct. 21. What do we know about it?
Researchers working to create an atlas of healthy human cells, hopefully leading toward better treatment for cancers and other diseases.
After the influential director’s death, here are 5 movies to get started dipping your toes into his body of work
With London Fashion Week beginning during a national period of mourning, the British Fashion Council announced some major changes, and two major brands canceled shows
Three days after brutal attacks throughout Saskatchewan, remaining suspect subject of intense manhunt
The docuseries ‘House of Hammer’ details the abuse allegations against actor Armie Hammer and ties them to his wealthy family.