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No one ever won hearts and minds by pointing out the best way to lose, no matter how empirically or logically impeccable the arguments for surrender.
Though they share a title and a political party, Johnson is no Churchill.
Chicago politicians are only the current, most vivid example of where we’ll all eventually end up when “later” becomes “now.”
This is not normal. And I don’t mean that as in, “Trump is violating the shibboleths of the Washington establishment.” I mean that as in, “This is not normal for a functioning adult.”
Uber and Lyft were about as different as two companies in fundamentally the same business could be. But at this point, from the customer perspective, they’re barely different.
Just as new organizations need to remember their role as stewards of the public trust, the NRA needs to recover its role as a public safety organization.
The idea behind affirmative consent sounds harmless enough; make sure your partner is actively interested rather than passively going along. But legal systems cannot be run on harmless generalities.
I fervently believe that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own firearms. Which is exactly why I think it’s so urgent to address mass shootings.