100 years ago, President Harding embarked on a tour of the West that ended in tragedy.
With all the hoopla in 2023 about getting a new state flag, here’s a look at the history of Utah’s banner.
Kathryn Harrison’s book “Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured” is as full and rich as the life of Joan of Arc herself. It mesmerizes and can even irritate. But it is inventive and fresh in a sea of mundane biographies of the teenager who saved France.
A budget can make a family more peaceful and make dollars go further, but what do you do when a spouse is not on board?
One in 25 New Yorkers are millionaires making the total around 389,100 people.
Having a home-based business has its perks and its challenges. Finding the proper balance between family demands and demanding clients can be tricky.
A woman who rented her condo is stuck in a nightmare with a squatter who was supposed to stay for only 44 days refuses to leave her home.
People can save money by watching video tutorials on YouTube and doing a fix themselves instead of throwing things out.
Menus at restaurants are full of clever ways to get people to spend more money and to buy the most profitable items.
People have so many clothes they sometimes don’t know what to do with them. But cutting back on fast fashion and focusing on quality and classic styles can save money and make life easier.
More Americans believe this is the best time to find a quality job since anytime before the recession.
Baby boomers and millennials have had different experiences in the recovery from the recession.
Casinos are a favorite stop for seniors and can build their sense of control and self-concept. But are there other problems with gambling that should be considered?
The surge in part-time jobs — both voluntary and “involuntary” — is not necessarily a good sign for the economy.
Robbers at gas stations and convenience stores could learn something from many American employers about how to make money against the law. Wage and overtime violations by employers cost Americans billions.
Ikea at first tried to shut down the website of one of its biggest fans, but now is backing down. Maybe.
Student loan debt can be a binding chain on financial success, but there are ways to tackle the loans that can give people hope.
Hotels can be the most expensive item in a vacation, but there are ways to lessen the impact and save cash this summer.
A survey by WalletHub finds that fairness and equality are the biggest factors Americans think about when it comes to taxes.
There are many cases of alleged disability fraud that state and federal investigators across the country uncover annually. “Fraudulently collecting disability ... disrespects legitimately injured” workers, according to an insurance commissioner.
Some entry-level jobs have a better present and future than other entry-level jobs. Taking multiple factors into account may make that first job out of college a better experience.
The left and right are beginning to criticize occupational licensing — saying it restricts freedom and hurts lower-income workers and consumers.
There is something deeper going on behind Dave Ramsey’s ideas, a spiritual side he says is vital to how he found financial peace.
A new poll suggests that almost half of the unemployed have given up looking for work — yet they still hope to find a job in the next six months.
Some argue that extending unemployment benefits too long hurts people’s chances of becoming employed.
Military personnel struggle with finances, new polls say, and are worried about possible defense budget cuts.
Workplaces are beginning to offer loans that have some of the features of payday loans — but do they also have some of the same problems?
The percentage of houses being bought with cash is on the rise, making it difficult for those who have to rely on mortgages to get a new home.
In the wake of the recession, credit card companies are fighting for the best customers by offering 0 percent introductory interest cards — some that are at 0 percent interest for as long as 18 months. But what’s the catch?
A new study finds that close to half of potential home buyers are so afraid they will not qualify for a mortgage that they do not even try.