Because of the outbreak’s longevity and durability, it raises the prospect that one of the most dangerous threats to humanity could become endemic.
Rather than refuting specific conspiracy theories, perhaps we should focus on the character of political leaders who employ them. They are liars and enemies of self-government.
The concert film “Amazing Grace” accomplishes something I thought impossible — capturing the Holy Ghost on celluloid.
It is only on empathy — the virtue most foreign to the president — that unity can be built.
Some political choices are not just stupid or crude. They represent the return of our country’s cruelest, most dangerous passion. Such racism indicts Trump. Treating racism as a typical or minor matter indicts us.
Coats was willing to speak truth to power in an administration that fears and despises inconvenient truth. Playing this role is a particularly difficult and admirable form of public service.
As a criminal justice professional, Mueller clearly did not want to say anything that served a political agenda, so he said almost nothing at all.
In this case, loyalty requires mortal lies that effectively excuse racial prejudice. In this case, Republican leaders are shilling for a bigot.
This American president is the loud, bigoted drunk at the end of the bar, making it impossible for anyone else to talk or eat in peace.
President Trump talked about the nation’s military victories, but not much about the nation’s character. He seems to love America because it is his country and a powerful country, but not because it is a country with a calling.
Ultimately, the lack of presidential temperament leaves Trump unable to distinguish between American friends and autocratic rivals who play on his own vanity.
In the process, evangelical leaders have placed themselves — uncritically, with open eyes — into a political coalition that is inspired by ethnic nationalism. Such are the occupational hazards of calling good evil, and evil good.
It is not an easy or natural thing for people to periodically distrust their own version of truth. But that is what someone with depression must learn to do.
Gillibrand’s argument represents a type of ideological authoritarianism that seems fashionable in our politics. Instead of defeating other viewpoints through argument, she would rather prohibit them as illegitimate and unacceptable.
By forcing Joe Biden to abandon his support for the Hyde Amendment, the abortion lobby and activist liberals have taken the first, major step toward reelecting Donald Trump.
Those who see politics only as a method to defeat enemies and advance favored aims have lost sight of something important. We should honor democratic values such as civility, not only because they make our system function, but to make it noble.
Genuine Christian influence is actually needed in American politics. Trump evangelicals could be defending the civil liberties of all religious people rather than seeking the protection of their tribe alone.
There has never been the (more pluralistic) American equivalent of a Christian Democratic party. Why is that?
The failure of Reconstruction was not just a disembodied fact but a planned and ruthless act of sabotage. This period of history involved a violent campaign to reverse the social, political and economic outcomes of the Civil War.
Citizens can engage in civil discourse and productive compromise. Rabid fans can only be appeased by victory.
Another massive study has discovered no causal connection between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism.
Eventually, someone who writes on public policy comes up against the limits of words.